donderdag 30 mei 2013

Color Club Angel Kiss with roses

Hi Everyone,

I made this a couple of weeks ago. I still wasn't feeling well but really needed to do my nails and if I want something quick I always choose a holo polish :) So it was time to try my new Color Club Angel Kiss (the only one I have from the Halo Hues :( ) I first had it on without any nail art for a few days but somehow I forgot to take a swatch picture (I always take swatch pics, so I blame it on me being sick).

Also the new camera is sent back for repair, so had to use another camera (one that I don't like for nail pics) but did my best to capture all the colors and designs.

Base Color Club Angel Kiss, stamped the full nail with B310 and Konad pastel green. BM14 for the rose with Kleancolor metallic red and BM04 for the leaves with Flormar 50.

And some more pics (like I said I don't have my regular camera so it is hard to take a great pic).

Thanks for reading.


dinsdag 21 mei 2013

Soft Kitty on a flocking powder gradient

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not blogging for a while but I really felt bad, feel a bit better now. So I did my nails today. Jen's nails files had a great and fun contest on her page, you had to do a mani inspired by the name of a Darling Diva polish. I am not in the US so I thought I could not enter, but to have a US address was fine too, and I have some US nail friends. So I decided to enter anyway also for the fun, cause when I was searching DDP names I had sooo many ideas, I decided to chose "Soft Kitty" for my mani. 

So here are my Soft Kitty nails, I made Kitty really feel soft by stamping here over my flocking powder /velvet gradient. Making a flocking powder gradient was something new for me too, but it was fun to do. The rest of my nails have a trail of kitty paws or bigger kitty paws on them.

3 colors of flocking powder (light pink, lilac, purple) for my flocking powder gradient on my ring finger, 3 colors for my holo gradient on the rest (Catherine Arley 670, China Glaze IDK, Catherine Arley 673) stamped with Konad SN black and GCOCL A02, Essence plate and HB37).

Another picture of my hand.

And some pics of the holo and flocking powder gradient.

I love how soft flocking powder feels :)

Here the polishes and flocking powder I've used for this mani.

Thanks for reading.


maandag 13 mei 2013

Pon & Zi and friends :)

Hi Everyone,

I am still sick and it sucks :( it's been a while that I felt this bad. So fingers crossed I feel better soon. Haven't done my nails in a week but still have a lot of mani's to show ;) I've made these about 3 weeks ago before I broke my pinkie nails.

I just love Pon & Zi and my sister has them as stuffed animals, so I just had to make Pon and Zi nails sometime :)

Base a gradient with Essence Blossoms etc 03 My Fellow Yellow and H&M U must have this. And added Spectraflair topcoat on top. Stamped with Konad M36 and Kleancolor metallic aqua. Self made water decals of Pon & Zi and friends. From left to right you have: Scoot, Zi, Pon, Zot and Nubbly.

Another pic with the cool stuffed animal Pon & Zi from my sister.

Just my hand again with different settings.

My other hand with the stuffed animal Pon & Zi :)

And Danbo also wanted to meet Pon & Zi.

He enjoyed it his eyes are glowing ;)

Thanks for reading. And for all the other sick people out there get well soon!


vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Monthly Palette Project...May

Hi Everyone,

Over at WON (one of the groups I am in on facebook), there is this cool monthly palette project. To encourage members to use certain colors or techniques. This monthly palette was silk brights and no special technique required. So of course I did a stamping mani ;) I did this earlier this week, cause I am really not  feeling well at the moment, stupid cold or something keep sneezing and everything hurts.

I also broke both my pinkie nails (right hand 2 weeks ago and my left hand last weekend, I guess my hands like to be symmetric :P ) but it really hurts cause if you look closely you can see the flesh above the nail. Somehow when I stopped biting after a few years the flesh on my pinkie, index and thumb grew above my finger top. So breaking one hurts, tried filing and cutting it away but that was even more painful. Well hopefully they both will grow back fast. 

 Here you can see this months palette and my nails :)

Base P2 stormy (it was one of my untried polishes I got it from my Brazilian friend who used to live here in Holland but moved back home and all the polishes she left behind we a gift for me :) ) I stamped with an Essence plate and used Kleancolor metallic aqua, purple, red and mango.

 My nails closer.

And a swatch of P2 stormy.
I actually did liked this color and dried quick and was opaque in 2 coats.

Thanks for reading enjoy your weekend!


maandag 6 mei 2013

China Glaze Tantalize me with stars from 2009

Hi Everyone,

This challenge this sunday on AIS was to stamp over a lilac base, but since we celebrated Liberation Day I did not had time to do something new. But I had this never showed lilac mani from 2009, so I thought let's post that one. Even though I've made italmost 4 years ago, I still like these a lot :)

Base China Glaze Tantalize me. Stamped with Konad M45 the tips using SN violet pearl. Put a bit of topcoat over the stamping and then added glitter over it. Stamped with M3 the stars using SN violet pearl and SN pastel blue. And a hexagon star thingy on my ring finger ;)

I also did a matching pedi, stamped with the same plate M3 (also used the other star images on that) and a Hello Kitty decal I'd bought. But the decal had no outlines so she really disappeared on my big toe ;)

 Here you see the decal without any outlines. 

And another picture of my hand.

And of course a swatch of this pretty lilac color with blue shimmer.
Did you guys notice the bottle says 19ml...that is soo weird. The China Glaze bottles are all the same size (except mini's) but they are never 19 ml...LOL.

Thank for reading :)


vrijdag 3 mei 2013

May 5th is Liberation Day

Hi Everyone,

On May 5th we celebrate our Liberation Day, that means big music parties all over our country :) There are 14 Liberation festival across the country (at least one in each of our 12 province), with lots of stages with bands, music, drinks, food. And hopefully some nice sunny weather :) The logo of the Liberation fesitval is a blue torch with red flame see this inspired by the colors of our Dutch flag, red, white and blue. The Liberation fire is everywhere. So I wanted to do something with fire and our flag colors too (although I don't really like that color combo) But I did my best to make it look cool hahaha. Tomorrow on May 4th it's Remembrance Day.

Base a white polish from Essence with a layer of Glitter Gal Light as a Feather. Stamped with Konad SN red and SN blue and Cheeky CH52 (I stamped both parts separately) On my thumb I made a torch from the baseball bat from CH35 and fire from BM07 stamped with SN dark orange, SN yellow and SN blue. Made the word 5 mei (which means May 5th) from letters of MM03 and the platenumber of a Konad plate.

Another pic without the thumb.

And my whole hand.

I am hoping for some nice weather, cause I really love music festivals but not so much when it's raining :P

For all the Dutch people who read my blog..did you make any Liberation nails? And are you going to a Liberation Festival?

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thanks for reading.


woensdag 1 mei 2013

Fashion Inspired: very colorful gradient dress

Hi everyone,

Today I have another Fashion Inspired mani for you :) It really is one of my favorite theme's. I wanted to do something colorful, so I looked for a colorful dress that I really like. This weeks theme for Sassy Saturday is Fashion Inspired, so it was a good oppertunity for me to do this again :) I now have so many more ideas and saved some pictures of dresses :)

A gradient with CG I'm with the Lifeguard, CG Towel Boy Toy, CG Hang Ten-Toes and Color Club Pucci-licious with a holo glitter topcoat from Catrice on top. 

Stamped with H20 using Konad PSN apple green, SN pastel blue, SN pink pearl and SN pastel violet. Stamped again over it with Kleancolor metallic green, aque, pink and purple.

And another picture of just the nails.

The gradient base.

All the polishes I've used for this.

 And a collage of all the pictures together :)

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day :)