maandag 29 april 2013

Queens Day (Q-day) 2013

Hello Everyone :)

Tonight we celebrate Queens-night and tomorrow will be our last Queens-day. Our queen Beatrix is passing the throne to her son Willem Alexander. So next year we will be celebrating Kings Day...that sounds weird LOL. The night before Queens-day is always one big party night in a lot of cities here in Holland. With music on the streets and beer/ or soda for those who don't drink ;) everything is orange (that is our national color) and red, white and blue (the colors of our flag). There are also flea markets and many more festivities, but I always like the music (live bands and DJ's). So me and my friends are going to party tonight ;) So of course I've made Q-day nails again. Click here for my previous Q-day nails from the last years.

Base Impala (matte fluors) Tech, a really bright neon orange. Stamped music lines/ notes in the colors of our flag using SN red, SN white and SN blue Konad M22 and crowns from Konad M40 stamped with Kleancolor metallic black. Also added some orange rhinestones on the crowns.

The base color is really hard to capture so I took a lot of pictures with different lighting.

Saturday my sister and I went shopping (did not bought anything but okay) and we called it "sisters day" we always have sooo much fun on days like these. And we spotted the special Dutch Queens/King train. It was the train we had to take too, so that was really funny. When you took a picture of yourself and the train and uploaded it you could win some prizes. They call it the B to A train. Normally they have this motto that they (the train company) will bring you daily from place A to place B. But now they said we will also bring B to A that means the throne change from our queen Beatrix (the B) to our king to be (Willem) Alexander (the A).

So here some pics of the train and us :)

For all the Dutch people: Fijne Koninginnenacht/dag (Happy Queensnight/day)!

Thanks for reading.


vrijdag 26 april 2013

Floam ♥ with some simple flowers

Hi Everyone,

I finally used my Floam and I love it :) I am not the biggest glitter fan, a lot of my untrieds are glitter polish. But I do really love Floam. It are really tiny "matte glitter" I know matte glitter sounds strange lol, cause it isn't glitter-y (is that a word? ;)) So I started calling them little scales, like fish scales ;) I needed 4 coats to get it opaque but it dried fast, so that wasn't a problem. Cleaning the cuticles was a problem hahaha, glitter everywhere. And removing it wasn't fun either, tried the normal way on one finger, then I decided to use the foil technique for the first time and it worked good :)

Base Floam stamped with XL plate O (that is a dupe of XL K) with Konad SN black and added some SN yellow and SN sky blue dots.

Another picture of my hand.

And of course swatches of this really cool polish :)

It are tiny yellow and blue matte glitters and very flat, it doesn't felt really gritty. The yellow and blue together gave this a green look. I really like Floam I think it is unique.

Have a nice weekend!

Thanks for reading.


woensdag 24 april 2013

P2 Bloggers' Choice with nailart

Hi Everyone,

As I have said a couple of times already, I love P2. That is a budget brand from Germany. I love their nail polish and limited editions. The quality is great and very cheap too :) Every now and then they renew their assortment and I always like to look at the new products. One of the new nail polishes I found a while ago was P2 789 Bloggers' Choice...I needed this polish for the name ;) And it is also a unique color too. Very bright and shimmery. It probably looks better with tanned skin, but I do like this color. Made this a couple of weeks ago.

Base P2 789 Bloggers' Choice. I made stamping decals again (following Messy Mansion tutorial, coloring the stamp on your stamper and add a topcoat and peel it off as a sticker) I used Konad SN black and M67, colored them with Kleancolor metallic orange, blue and green. Green plants stamped with M32 and SN green.

Anoter picture of my hand.

And some swatches.

I love this polish and his name too :)

Thanks for reading.


maandag 22 april 2013

Hello Kitty with Cherries from 2010

Hi Everyone,

Today a short post. This is something I've made in 2010 but never posted on my blog (like many more mani's ;))

Base China Glaze White on White with a layer of Golden Rose magic 301. Self made water decals of Hello Kitty and her bunny friend with cherries on them :) Stamped with Konad PSN cool red and SN green using M48 for the little cherries and B02 for the big ones.

Thanks for reading :)


vrijdag 19 april 2013

Ylin mood polish with stamping :)

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I really felt like wearing a mood polish again :) So I decided to try my Ylin mood no 7 polish that I got from The Born Pretty Store :) It is a really cool nail polish it turns blue when it gets warm and is purple when it is cold. But most of the time I have blue nail beds and purple tips. I have played with it under the tap so I have a lot of swatches but first I'll show you it with stamping on it :).

Base Ylin mood polish no 7. My nail beds are warm (blue) en my nail tips cold (purple) with a layer Catrice ¿Holo Qué Tal? topcoat for some pink shimmer. Stamped with Konad M88 and Kleancolor metallic purple and metallic aqua.

 This is how it looks like when my hands are cold.

 With different light so you see the stamping a bit better.

And another one with also different lighting.

Here a swatch of the Ylin polish with the Catrice ¿Holo Qué Tal? topcoat on it. 
 You see my middle finger was still a bit cold, because there is a purple spot on it.

And now some swatches of the Ylin mood polish no 7. Like I said I was playing with it under the water, so my nails/hands are wet in these pictures.
 Cold so they are purple.

 Warm so they are blue :)

 Warm and cold.

 Just playing with some water drops on it.

And the last picture is how it looks most of the time. Blue nail beds and purple tips.

I really love this polish, in the bottle it looks a bit strange, a mix of different colors (pink, purple, dark blue) and shaking it did not made it better. But you don't see any of this on the nail.

You can buy this and other mood changing polishes at The Born Pretty Store

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice weekend :)


woensdag 17 april 2013

P2 Sand Style 050 Confidential with paint splatters ;)

Hi Everyone,

I am not the bigest fan of texture polish, but I do like trying new things. So I really wanted a texture polish too. I got this one from my BF a couple of months ago, while we were in Germany. I love P2 is a really good budget brand, with awesome LE's too. 

Base P2 Sand Style 050 Confidential. Stamped with Konad M70 (full nail) and M21 (paint dots) using Konad SN pastel yellow and SN pink pearl. Without topcoat so you see the matte glitter/gritty stucture.

 With topcoat.

And some swatches. 

I do really like this color with the multi colored glitter (mostly pink and yellow) but I do find it weird to get use to this gritty structure ;) 

Here a pic of the matte and shiny version, which do you like best?

Thanks for reading!


zondag 14 april 2013

Spring nails with Woodstock ♥

Hello Hello,

The weather is finally feeling it more like Spring here in Holland. And the challenge in AIS today is Spring colors, so I decided to make Springy nails ;) My short middle nail on my "photo" hand is also almost the same length again :) So I made the rest a bit shorter too, know you can hardly see the difference.

The base is a subtle gradient from an older LE from Essence called Essence Blossoms etc ...02 I Like and 05 Forget-Me-Not. With Spectraflair topcoat on top. Stamped some Spring flowers with Konad M2 using SN white and SN yellow dots. Self made water decals of Woodstock 

Another picture with different lighting.

Just decals before the stamping.

And of course some swatches of these pretty polishes, the normal swatch and the gradient one.

 Essence Blossoms etc ...02 I Like. And I do like this color a lot :)

  Essence Blossoms etc ...02 I Like and 05 Forget-Me-Not. With Spectraflair topcoat on top. 

And another pic with the bottles in my hand. This one of my favorite LE's from Essence, I also have the yellow one (posted that about 2 years ago). I believe there were also a green and a purple one but I don't have those :(

Hope you all have a great weekend.

I can't wait for warmer weather and a lot of sunshine 

Thanks for reading :)


vrijdag 12 april 2013

Bright neon gradient music nails

Hi Everyone,

Remember my previous post that I said those black and white nails were a fail to me? I just wasn't feeling them, they made me depressed, not happy, so I really needed something bright. So I went for a neon gradient :) not very rocky for music band night but I so needed happy nails.

White base from P2 and on top a gradient with China Glaze Beach Cruise-r, Hang Ten-Toes, Towel Boy Toy, I'm With The Lifeguard and Sun-Kissed. On top a layer of China Glaze Wireless Holographic topcoat. Stamped with Konad SN black using Cheeky CH31 and the headphone is from one of the newest Essence plates and I made a stamping decal (see Messy Mansion's tutorial ) of it coloring it with white and silver.

And some pics of just the neon gradient base :)

I also had a birthday that weekend of one of my friends who turned 30 so later I added little 30 numbers on my index finger next to the headphones. I only have a cellphone picture of that and it all is a bit blue. It was fun teasing him, cause he did not like turning 30 years old ;)

I really love neon polishes. 

Enjoy your weekend!


dinsdag 9 april 2013

Black and White Music nails...a bit of a fail

Hi Everyone,

This weekend I had a birthday party of one of my friends who turned 30 :) And it were the finals of our local open (rock)band night in the city I live. So I wanted to do something music themed. Cause I love watching live music. But somehow I did not liked these nails, and removed them the same evening and made something colorful instead (will show those later this week). I don't know why I think they were a fail to me, I just wasn't feeling it. They did not make me

A Konad SN black and SN white mixed sponged base with Spectraflair topcoat. Stamped with Konad M63, Cheeky CH30 and CH31 using SN white and SN black.

And another pic.

I guess they would have been okay for a rocky music band night, but I just did not like them (don't know why). I needed something colorful to cheer me up ;)

Thanks for reading!


vrijdag 5 april 2013

Playing with holo's and tape :)

Hi Everyone,

Today I have a non stamping mani for you, I know that is really rare for me ;) Cause I always stamp or combine things with stamping ;) But this one really is without any stamping...LOL.I did them earlier this week .

The base are 4 holo colors from Catherine Arley (purple 673, yellow 801, red 800 and orange 806) placed in a different pattern of stripes /dots on each finger, added parts of striping tape in different patterns too, then added a layer of a black holo Catherine Arley 805 and removed the striping tape again :)

And some more pictures of it.

 I really like playing with striping tape, this is only my 2nd time using it, but I love it :)

Later I've made them matte with Essie matte about you topcoat. 

And both shiny and matte together.
Shiny vs matte? Which do you like better?

Have a nice weekend!