woensdag 29 juni 2011

China Glaze Kaleidoscope How About a Tumble swatches + nail art

I made this more than a month ago, when I got back from my short holiday to Centerparc. I needed to do something fast, and what dries faster then Kaleidoscope polish ;) Just added a simple full nail stamp anddecals. These decals I bought I did not made them my self ;) Although I lost all my photos since April 2011 I still had these photo's on my Dutch page called Hyves (something as facebook) so I was really glad.

First the nail art photo:
China Glaze How About a Tumble stamped with Color Club Wild at Heart and imageplate H29 and I added some love decals :)

Here a photo of only the full nail stamp without the decals.

And now the swatches, as you know I really am a big holo fan and this one was still one of my untrieds. And was missing a few months ago when I had Kaleidoscope week on my blog.

With flash.

With flash different angle.

Without flash under artificial light.

With flash under artificial light.


dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Awards, awards and more awards :)

I'm sorry for not blogging for a week :( My own laptop died almost a year ago, since then I used my boyfriends laptop. But that one crashed after some necessary updates from Windows Vista. I lost all my pictures since April 2011. And all my decals from August 2010 :( My dad and I wil try to get some files back hope it will work.

Anyway in the last couple of weeks I received some great awards ♥ I always feel soooo honored.

I received a couple of award from the lovely and funny Miki from ♥ OneChicBella ♥ she said they were 2 but one of them you see 3 award photo's. So they are probably 5 award :)

The first one I got is the Sunshine Award, I also got this award from the sweet Sarah from Spellbinding Nails.

Thank you both so much ♥

The rules are as followed:

- Thank the person who gave you this award
- Write a post about it
- Answer to the questions below
- Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them message to let them know.

The questions:
  1. Favorite color: That is really difficult because I don't really have a favorite color I really like all colors, but if I have to choose I think blue.
  2. Favorite animal: I really suck in questions like these, I also love all kinds of animals, but I think I have to say Hamster and Rats because I have those 2 as pets ;) I also really have a thing for dolphins.
  3. Favorite number: 9
  4. What perfume am I using right now? Escada Taj Sunset, I have a lot of perfumes also more from Escada but this one I got from my boyfriend last week for my birthday.
  5. Something you always wear with you and identifies you: My silver Greek necklace with the Meandros sign that I got almost 10 years ago from my mom and dad. I love silver and Greece and almost never wear any other necklace.
  6. What’s your passion? My passion???? Uhmm nails and nail art ;)
  7. Getting or giving presents? I'm really weird with that, I do like to get presents but sometimes also feel kind of embarressed or something so I have to say giving. Love to give things even if they are small.
  8. What was the last eyeshadow you used? My 4 colored older brown palette from Catrice and my 88 color palette.
  9. Favorite day of the week:  Saturday, I love hanging out with my boyfriend and doing something fun.
  10. Are your nails painted right now? Yes they are almost never without nail polish (only if I just removed it) I'm wearing P2 Into Lace LE 010 Sensuality right now.
I would love to give this Sunshine Award to the following 10 lovely blogs:
  1. Giuditta's Nails and Beauty
  2. Balletbalm
  3. heartNAT
  4. Nails by Alice
  5. Concrete and Nail Polish
  6. Pixie Polish
  7. Pretty Nails
  8. Turtlechicks Nails N Tales
  9. Sugar Styles
  10. Nagelzone / Nailsszone 
The second award I got from Miki from ♥ OneChicBella ♥ is the Best Blog Award, but this one also has the photo's of the Blogger Luxery award and Inspiration Award, so I guess these 3 awards have the same rules. So I will keep them together as a set of 3 when I pass them on.

The rules for this one are:

- Link back to the person who passed you the award
- Complete the form below
- Share 7 random things about yourself
- Award 15 blogs
- Drop them a line and tell them about it

This is the form to be completed:

Name your favorite color:  I really have not one favorite color but if I have to choose I would say blue.
Name your favorite song:  Again not just one favorite song.. but the Summer of '69 from Bryan Adams always makes me happy and I want to sing along when I hear it.
Name your favorite dessert: Love all kinds of desserts but I really love fruit, so something with fruit in it.
What makes you mad?  A lot of things especially dishonesty.
When you’re upset you… :  I watch tv or cry myself to sleep. 
Your favorite pet?  My really old hamster Bowser and my 2 rats Trouble and Bubbel.
Black or white? Black, I always wear black clothes (pants or skirt) matched with bright colors on top. And ofcourse matching nail polish.
Your biggest fear is? I'm really scared of all kinds of insects and spiders especially when they are in my bedroom.
Your best feature is? I'm a good listener.
Everyday attitude: Just a normal boring dull girl ;)
What is perfection? Does perfection exist?
Guilty Pleasure: buying nail polish / nail art stuff.

The 7 random things about myself:
I already wrote 7 random things about me when I got the Stylish blogger award, you can read those things here if you scroll down: 7 random things about me.

I would love to give the next 15 blog this Best Blog Award (together with the Blogger Luxury and Inspiration Award):

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I also got the Stylish Blogger Award from the sweet Neelai
I already received this so I am not going to follow all the rules, but I did wanted to say thank you to Neelai.
Even though I already received it, it still makes me happy and I feel honored.
You should really check out her blog: Neelai.

I also received the Top 10 Award, I got this award from Sugar Styles and the sweet Yasmin from Oh What Fun.

 The Top 10 award rules:

- Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
- Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog.
- List your top 10 cosmetics.
- Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know.

Top 10 Cosmetics random order:
  1. Max Factor Aqua Lash mascara: black waterproof mascara.
  2. China Glaze Octa Gone Wild: the best purple holographic polish ;)
  3. Garnier Pure Skin Shine Control Moisturizer: my day cream since my teen years and I still like it.
  4. P2 nail polish remover: the old green one with that nice Thai green coconut smell.
  5. Catrice 4 colored eyeshadow palette: before they renewed their assortment they had a pretty brown set.
  6. Max Factor cream puff powder: also my powder since my teen years ;)
  7. Greek hand creams: no particular brand but I love the Greek hand creams with Mastic or Olives in it. Most of them are made locally on the Greek Islands.
  8. Garnier Nutrisse creme no 40: my hair dye. It is just a little bit darker and more red then my natrural hair color. So you hardly see any outgrowth.
  9. P2 Diamond Shine 3 in 1: a nice base coat and also a topcoat and it is even also a nail hardner (but that I don't really need)
  10. My 88 shimmer palette: don't know if it has a brand but I love colors, and this one is really pigmented.

I would love to give this Top 10 award to the next 10 blogs:

  1. The Polished Perfectionist  
  2. Clothes Cosmetics and Chat
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  6. Neelai
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  9. Nuvolat
  10. Diava's Lacquer Box
Thanks again to all those lovely ladies who gave me these awards. I think all my readers who have a blog deserve these awards too!


dinsdag 21 juni 2011

It's Summer ♥ Happy Birthday to me!

Today the summer offically starts here in Holland, but I think it got lost on his way ;) It looks more like autumn when you look outside. But today is also my birthday. So I made some birthday nails, no balloons or cupcakes but summer sunset holographic nails. I love holo polishes and also really love the beach and palm trees and other summer stuff :)

For the base I used 5 colors from the China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection: Kaleidoscope Him Out, It's my Turn, Rated Holographic, Don't be a Square and Tickle my Triangle. Together they create a beautiful sunset on the beach ;) I did not sponged it just painted it layer by layer. And I stamped some Konad SN black palm trees with M29.

It's a simple creation but I like it, the base is already sooo beautiful on his own :) I love holo ♥  So I took a lot of photos :)

Just my hand.

Without flash under artificial light.

With flash under artificial light.

I also took a lot of photos of just the base.
With flash.

Just my hand.

With flash under artificial light.

Without flash or any direct light/daylight. So you can see the different colors I used better.

Without flash under artificial light.

Under artificial light.

I hope you all have a nice day :)


vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Summer Water Marble Nails

Tuesday the summer officially starts here (although the weather is bad and was way better last month) it is also my birthday then :) So I always remember the day the summer starts. I saw some nice water marble nails lately and also this gorgeous orange one on My Simple Little Pleasures that inspired me to do a water mable too. I haven't done that for quite some time. I first tested it on a nail tip last week and now on my own nails. Ofcourse I'm no expert like she is ;) but I had fun and like the result :)

I found it very summer like with those colors and they reminded me of peaches but I couldn't hold it normally :) it was too big or my hands too small ;)

Base is Risque Amarelo Real. Marbled with China Glaze Street Racing, OPI Tangerine Scene, OPI Need Sunglasses and OPI Fiercely Fiona.

Just another photo of my hand ;)

And here another one with all 5 fingers.

Have a nice weekend!


woensdag 15 juni 2011

Helping Hands for my mom

I made this a few weeks ago. The day my mom got the results of the surgery and tests she had, to find out if she had cancer or not. I actually wanted to do something with thumbs up or praying hands but I did not have anything like that so I used these hands....some sort of helping hands for her ;) Unfortunately we got some bad news :( my mom has a really rare kind of lymphoma cancer/ lymph leukemia. I don't know the exact words for it in English, in Dutch it is already difficult to explain ;) But it is quite rare the kind she has :( We are still waiting for some more test results (we will hear that June 20th one day before my birthday) and then hopefully she will get better with the right kind of chemo therapy. We must stay positive!

Base Beyu 381 a beautiful duochrome dark blue with purple and green glow and silver mini glitter (really difficult to capture with my camera) stamped with a light metallic blue Greek nailpolish from the brand Seventeen, number 523 and imageplate HB16.

Some swatches of Beyu 381 this is one of the polishes I got from Nagelszone / Nailsszone
With flash, you don't see the duochrome in it :(

Without flash under artificial light, here you can see the green glow a little bit.

A bit of blurry photo of the bottle but here you can see the purple and green glow the best.

Last week we went to the beach and I wrote a message in the sand for my mom. I took a photo and sent it to her. With the text: Look a message for you is washed up on the beach ;)

I hope my mom will fight her cancer! Mom (mama) get well soon!


woensdag 8 juni 2011

Landscape: ♥ my new spring/summer nails 2011 ♥

Today I finally show you my new spring/summer landscape nails from this year. I made them this weekend. And personally really like them, can't stop looking at my nails. Especially when it's raining outside, they just make me happy :)

(You can click on the photo to enlarge it)
Base Essence 05 Speed of light blue from the You Rock Limited Edition, Golden Rose holographic color 115 for the green and Nubar Absolute for the blue. For the water I used the same colors first the Essence one and then a coat of Nubar.

Imageplates: C01 (Konad Coraline) for the sun, S2 part of the palm tree for some grass, M23 for the red flowers and leafs, M66 for some plants and grass, M79 for the clouds, HB32 for the small flowers and butterfly and HB34 for the flamingos, swan, frog, dragonfly and birds.

For stamping I used all Konad SN or PSN polishes: pop green, olive green, green, violet pearl, blue pearl, psyche pink, pink pearl, yellow, white, cool red and pastel orange.

I also used some Essence nail art pens and a dotting tool to add some details like the flamingos beak and feet, the swan eyes and beak and the middle of the flowers.

Some people asked me if my right hand would look the same as my left, so here a photo of my right hand ;)

This weekend my nails and I ;) visited Giuditta place. She had just received her nail polish wall displays/racks and did not had any tools/supplies to hang them up on her wall. So I immediately asked my dad if he had any screws for me and if I could borrow his tools....and there I went to the railway station to get on the train with everything. It was soooo hot that day luckily Giuditta picked me up at the station with her bike so all the heavy stuff could go in het bicycle bags. It was a long walk to her home but in the mean time we had a lot of time to chat and visit some stores :)

We had so much fun that day, especially when I was saying/grumbling that my dad gave me the smallest screwdrivers I had ever seen and he probably thought.."Oh women have small hands or something" and after we were done I found the handle where I supposed had click them in.....hahaha I felt sooo stupid and dumb. Another hilarious thing was when we were rearranging her nail polishes by brand and color she said... "Oh those two really look a like" and then she picked them up and looked at the bottom and saw a big surprise....THEY WERE THE SAME ;)  and both of them she bought recently. She gave one bottle to me, as a thank you gift a long with some decals she received that day, for helping that day.....thank you so much ♥
Here you can see my new friend (Color Club Total Mystery) going to his new home in the train ;) with some typical grass landscape behind it through the window. Also added the decals to the photo. Once again thanks Giuditta for that day, I really needed that.

If you want to see Giuditta' stash and read more you can visit her blog here:
There also is this hilarious/ridiculous photoshopped photo of me there, don't look at that please ;)

I'm really happy with this creation and don't want to remove it, but friday I have it on my nails for a week and then I won't be able to do my nails again untill tuesday, I don't think they will survive that long :( So I think I do have to say goodbye to them friday ;)

maandag 6 juni 2011

Landscape: some various older creations (sunset, beach, snow, under water)

Like I said in my previous blog I love to make landscape/scenery nails. I did that a couple of times already, I still haven't got my current creation photo's on the computer, so today I quick post of some previous landscape creations.

All these photos are from my previous blog posts, you can read and see more about the creations in those blog posts by clicking the link above each photo.

This was from my first blog post: Romantic Sunset from august 2010.
The base is painted with acrylic paint and a fan brush. This is still one of my favorite creations....I just love the beach and sunsets.

This Palm Beach creation I made for my birthday in June 2009.

This Palm tree sunset I made in August 2009

Ofcourse I matched my toes ;)

Most of you will remember my Winter Wonderland nails :) That I made this winter November 2010. This is also one of my favourites.

This last one is probably my favourite creation I have made :) I just love these Deep in the Sea nails. Made in August 2010.

Ofcourse I matched my toes again ;)
I would love t make something again soon :)

Next blog my new spring/summer landscape nails, that I personally really like ♥

vrijdag 3 juni 2011

Landscape: spring nails from 2010

I love to make landscape/scenery nails :) That can be all kinds of landscapes: winter, summer, spring, under water etc. Today I made some summer/spring landscape nails (I'll show them after the weekend) I thought it would be fun to show my older spring landscape nails first. I made this in March 2010 I did not had a blog back then. I did wrote a guest blog on my nail friend Michelle's blog: Passion for Nails.

I stamped the base with Konad SN polishes (apple green, pastel blue, white, sky blue) while it was still wet I added some green and blue rainbow glitter on top. I stamped with imageplates C01 (Konad Coraline), M79, M66, M36 and M23 and different kinds of Konad SN polishes (white, pop green, jungle green, psyche pink, violet pearl, pastel pink, yellow).

Here a photo of just the sponge base.

I first made this idea on a huge nail tip.

I did not had any idea of I could make this fit on my own nails, I knew my nails were long but not that long or big. You can see the difference in size below ;)

Here another photo with some different light.

I'm sorry for not blogging and commenting on your blogs that much lately, last week I was on my short holiday and this week I received some bad news about my mother so my mind wasn't really in to that.

Have a nice weekend!