vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Nubar Gem swatches + nailart

A few months ago I ordered my first Nubar polishes. One of them was this beauty from the Prism collection.
I am just totally in love. It's such a nice color and wow the holographic glitter is awesome.I didn't do much nailart on it, just a simple black rose from Konad M65. And on my ringfinger a swarovski diamond.

Here are some swatch pictures:
With flash.

Without flash under a bright light.

Blurry without flash, look at those colors!!!

With flash, lighter skintone option.

Blurry with flash, I just love the holo glitter.

donderdag 28 oktober 2010


This creation I did not make for Halloween but I think it would be perfect for it. I made it a couple of months ago for the horror nailart contest on The Lacquer Files
I'm wearing Orly Gogo (white with small silver glitter), used my selfmade waterdecals of scream. Stamped with Konad SN red and SN black. Used M13 for the blood and knife, Coraline C04 for the big bat and BM13 for the small bat and the spiderwebs

woensdag 27 oktober 2010

My Halloween nails from last year

Like I said in my previous post we don't celebrate Halloween here but I do like making Halloween nails. So here is my creation of last year. It is a bit of a mixed theme Halloween/Fall.
I'm wearing OPI My Privat Jet. I used Konad Coraline plates C01, C02, C04, C05 and M28, M31.
The animals I stamped with SN white, the leafes with SN yellow, SN apple green, SN orange and SN cool red.

dinsdag 26 oktober 2010

Halloween China Glaze Awakening

I't's almost Halloween, we don't celebrate it here in Holland. But I do love to make Halloween nails. I finally got my China Glaze Awakening set this weekend and I couldn't choose so I used them all :) It's now a colorful Halloween party on my nails ;)
It is not so neatly, and please don't pay attention to my middle finger (the pumpkin should be stamped to the left instead of the right, but stupid me didn't even saw it until I had topcoat on).
I used Konad M13, SN pastel violet, SN pastel orange and PSN apple green (the last two I mixed with SN white).

Here some swatch pictures.
From left to right: Mummy may I, Zombie Zest and Ick-a-bod-y.

maandag 25 oktober 2010

Day out with the girls

Saturday my boyfriend and I went to Hengelo, we had I meeting with some of the lovely girls from the nail forum Beautiful Nails For You We visited some nail stores there. It was really cold and rainy that day but it was a lot of fun.
From left to right: Svenja, Rianne, Jaimy, Me, Noortje, Henny and Brenda. Thanks girls for the lovely day.

Ofcourse I couldn't resist and bought some polishes. At the first store there was a great offer buy 6 pay 3, so it was really tempting.

Above with flash, under without (there you can see that some have a bit of duochrome in it)
From left to right Nail Creation no: 97, 96, 100, 44, 90 and 125.

At the second store I bought 3 Golden Rose polishes, one Scale effect (flakies) and two magics (beautifull shimmer).

Golden Rose Scale effect 10, Golden Rose magic 316, Golden Rose magic 305.

Before my holiday I already ordered China Glaze Awakenings together with a friend but I haven't seen her untill saturday so I finally got my China Glaze too.
Here you can see some wheel swatches of the Nail Creation polishes and the Scale effect.
After the shopping we went to Brenda's http://brendanails.blogspot.com/ home her mother baked apple pie and got us all some coffee or tea. We sure needed that because we were cold and wet from the rain.
But it was just a great day can't wait for the next meeting :)


donderdag 21 oktober 2010

Greece Chios week 2

The second week of my holiday I've painted my nails green/yellow. I love taking pictures on my holiday that show a piece of my holiday (sounds weird writing it like that but I mean with nice backgrounds so they won't look misplaced in a holiday photobook ;) )  This week I took nature pictures, the first week it was a sea theme.
I'm wearing Claire's Moodpolish Happy/Earthy. I loved the polish by itself so I have minimal nailart. Just some rainbow butterfly selfmade decals. And on top INM Out the Door Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat Gold. On the picture above my nails with a cute donkey, it was cloudy that day in the mountains so they are a bit darker green.

In the back you see the famous yellow fishing nets. On my thumb I also have a decals of the word Chios.

My foot and thumb and some seaweed, it's was quit stormy for a couple of days so a lot of seaweed was washed ashore. I only have a decal on my big toe.

Some nice red berries in back.

And finally just a "normal" picture, here you can see the color effect the best and the glitter of the topcoat.

woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Jungle Book

I went to the Zoo this weekend and I suddenly felt the urge to make Jungle Book nails :)
I used China Glaze FYI from the OMG collection. A beautifull beige holographic color (I'll show swatches later) stamped the bamboo with Konad M66 and SN green. And I've used my selfmade water decals of the characters of Disney's Jungle Book. From my pink to thumb: Bagheera the black panther, Mowgli the boy, Baloo the bear, Kaa the Snake and King Louie the monkey.

I just love Disney and now I want to watch this movie, it's been quit some years since I've seen it.

The song "Bare necessities" is stuck in my head but then the Dutch version :)

maandag 18 oktober 2010

Greece Chios week 1

Here are finally the pictures of my nailart creation the first week of my holiday.

The picture above was a lovely village with a beautifull small harbor.
I used Orly La vida loca as a base, stamped with SN pastel pink, pastel blue and Konad plate M27 and M75. On my ringfinger a pink metallic dazzle flower thing ;)

My feet and hand matching in the sand.

My sandy foot with sea view ;)

My hand at our favourite beach.

And another picture of my hand and thumb (that wasn't showing on the other pictures)

vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

Pink Ribbon Kitty

October is internationally known as Breast Cancer Month  and I wanted to make some Pink Ribbon nails.

I used Catrice Sweet for my sweets and on my ringfinger and thumb OPI Alpine Snow (on top a layer MNY 145 a beautiful pink shimmer with small flakies). I used selfmade water decals of Hello Kitty on the Pink Ribbon logo, Konad plate M79 for the dots and M56 for the ribbons. Stamped with SN pastel pink, SN white and OPI Rosy Mistletoe-sies.

woensdag 13 oktober 2010

OPI Don't Socra Tease Me

This was my nailpolish the third and last week of my holiday.
I just had the take this one with me, because it is from the greek island collecttion :)

I really loved this color but it had trouble drying.

Claire's Moodpolish Happy-Earthy

This was the color of the second week of my holiday.
I really loved it, the change of color in the sun, sea, shower on the back of the quad/atv we rented because of the cold wind and sunshine.
This is what it normally looked like, dark green tips and a the rest bright yellow green.

A warm picture.

Almost cold.

Cold under the cold water, it was really warm there so I had to keep the water flowing.

Just another picture of my hand, I'm not wearing a topcoat so it looks matte.

Orly La vida loca

This is the polish I had on my nails the first week of my holiday.
It's a beautiful pink/purple neon like color.

The pictures with nailart will come later for now just the swatch picture :)

vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

Back in Holland....Greek nailpolish

I'm back from my lovely holiday to Chios. The pictures of my creations I made in Greece will come later. I have to sort them out first between the rest of my holiday pics.

First my current creation that I made with Greek polish.

A used Konad plate M67 and I stamped with the same polishes, the jeans blue metallic and the aubergine/eggplant purple shimmer/glitter. On my ringfinger a blue rhinestone (that finger is not so neatly but I messed that finger up, normally this is not one you see the brush strokes so clear, like metallics often have)

I bought 5 Greek nailpolishes these are two of them.

Below a picture of the 5 bottles.

Don't feel like looking up the numbers, but it is a brown one with copper/orange glitter/shimmer, a light green shimmer, a blue shimmer, a jeans blue metallic and a aubergine purple shimmer/glitter.