maandag 18 oktober 2010

Greece Chios week 1

Here are finally the pictures of my nailart creation the first week of my holiday.

The picture above was a lovely village with a beautifull small harbor.
I used Orly La vida loca as a base, stamped with SN pastel pink, pastel blue and Konad plate M27 and M75. On my ringfinger a pink metallic dazzle flower thing ;)

My feet and hand matching in the sand.

My sandy foot with sea view ;)

My hand at our favourite beach.

And another picture of my hand and thumb (that wasn't showing on the other pictures)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. nou ik vind het erg fijn om zulke plaatjes te zien, eind oktober, gezeten naast de brandende kachel ;-)

    super kleurtje en leuk gestempeld!

  2. In mn dikke trui en warme sokken kijken naar vrolijke zomer manicures, leuk hoor!