vrijdag 17 december 2010

Purple and Pink Christmas nails

I've made this creation for one of my nail friends Esther, she loves purple and pink so I promised her to make a Christmas creation with those colors. Who said Christmas nails should be green, red, white, silver or gold ;)
As a base I'm wearing Color Club Wild at Heart (for swatches see my previous blog) I stamped with Nfu Oh number 63 and used Konad plate M64 and M12, the little curly things I decorated with pink glitter.
My camera had trouble with this, it is to much holo ;) So I used my sisters camera for this photo.

Photo with flash and my own camera. Here you can see the holo of the Nfu Oh stamps, but overall it is more unclear. But the colors are more accurate.

Photo without flash, here you can see the stamps and glitter good, but the color isn't accurate.

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