zondag 21 oktober 2012

Black Cats under a Full Moon

Hi lovely readers,

The challenge this Sunday on Adventures in Stamping was Halloween themed, so a perfect excuse for me to make something Halloweenish (is that a word? ;)) A had many ideas and also some cool self made Hello Kitty Halloween decals. But I decided to go for the full moon and black cats. I also really wanted to use one of my franken polishes I made with many polishes and Spectraflair.
Base a blue franken mixed a lot of blue polishes with some Spectraflair. Stamped "the moon" with SN yellow and imageplate HB012 (it actually is a Christmas ball hahaha. The rest I stamped with SN black using HB28, Konad Coraline plates C01, C02, C04, BM13. Made yellow eyes with a dotting tool. And stamped some silver stars with Essence silver stampy polish and M14 (you see the stars better on the picture below).
 Without flash under artificial light.
 And another one.
Also some swatches of my blue franken holo, I put in a really small empty Konad mini stamping polish bottle :)
I have a weakness for blue polishes and I really like this blue :)

Thank you for reading.


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  1. Leuke nagels zeg :D Zou ik ook wel willen dragen! Oh trouwens, 'put' is geen sterk werkwoord. Het is gewoon put-put-put in de verschillende tijdsvormen. Wat je bijvoorbeeld niet hebt bij 'wear' -> wear-wore-worn. Dus 'putted' bestaat niet :) Tipje! xx

    1. Whaha oh dat ik dat echt getypt had...zo stom t ziet er ook niet uit...en had ik moeten weten. Moet ik maar niet savonds laat post vooruit plannen ;) Ga meteen aanpassen. X

  2. wow, love it, this is absolutely wonderful :D

  3. Which plate has the cats on it? (soooo awesome!!)

  4. I love the cats....I need them!!!!! Such an adorable mani :)

  5. I agree the cats are amazing!!! Please share how where, I neeeeeed the kittys!! :D Your nails are fabulous!! :D

  6. Thanks all :)
    @ All the Cat lovers.... the little one on my pinkie and thumb is from HB28 (you can buy that one cheap online at bf-beauty I believe) The other 2 are from Konad Coraline plates C-series. Those were LE but sometimes I still see them online or some copies/dupes/faxes (how you wanna call it;)) of the originals.