maandag 13 februari 2012

Removed blog - now only Catherine Arley 670 swatches

I had to remove these nails I got an email which said:

Please remove these listings as the items listed are an infringement of our images, our images and trademark are copyright protects and the listed items are not genuine Me to You products.
There was more in the email I don't really understand it all but okay :) Although I love Tatty Teddy I won't be posting my nails with them on it....but I don't really know why you can't make something on your own nails as hobby inspired on something that you like. But I guess it also has something to do with copyright on the name and maybe I should have named my blog post differently. 
Some swatches of Catherine Arley 670:

I hope you will have a lovely V-day ♥

I sure do miss my mom, we used to give eachother a small present on V-day :(


11 opmerkingen:

  1. awww those are the cutest things! I LOVE those teddy bears, they are my favorite.

    :hug: I will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow! Your mom will be watching over you tomorrow and always :)

  2. Wat heb je dit ontzettend gaaf gedaan zeg!

    Ik denk dat er morgen wel een extra zonnestraaltje uit de lucht op je komt!

  3. Me To You teddybears are probably my favorite teddy bears, I just wish they weren't so expensive so I could have more of them though. :/
    Anyway, I really love your manicure. <3 I'd probably wear it as an accent nail. :)
    Have a lovely V-day Diana! :*

  4. Dat is zo ontzettend mooi!!!! Happy Valentine!

  5. The teddies are so cute, I love this manicure! Happy Valentine's day :)

  6. I really love Tatty Teddy!!!! :-)) hope you spent a beautiful day! ;-)

  7. wow...I cant believe you had to remove the pictures...Scary =-/