woensdag 13 februari 2013

V-day 2013 pastel gradient with hearts and kisses

Hi Everyone,

Today a V-day creation I've made today :) I was inspired by something I've made in 2009 but back then I used loose glitter over the sponging instead of a glitter topcoat and also used a different purple. Also had more hearts and no kisses see this post.

Sponged the base with Konad SN pastel pink, SN white and SN pastel violet, holo glitter topcoat from INM Nothern Lights. Stamped with M2, M3, M4, M18, M59, M84 Konad SN magenta and Catrice Forget me not.

Some more pictures.

And some pictures of the sponges base with the holo glitter topcoat.

I also made something like this (or more like the one I've made in 2009) last year with different colors and made my first and only video of it last year see this post.

I've entered these in a Valentines Contest from Konad if you like them you can "like"  my picture to vote and ofcourse see all the other pretty nails and like the ones you like too ;) Some have over 300 likes I know I won't make that, but that is okay I just love making themed nails for contest/challenges and like I always say having fun is most important :) 

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy your day :)


7 opmerkingen:

  1. awesome gradient, lovely manicure, so delicate :D

  2. Oh, you have a great blog, a lot of nice polishes and I love your nail designs. I will follow you for sure.
    Please visit my blog and discover a lot of nail designs. Kisses.

  3. I love these! Beautiful color combination and on my iphone it looks like little love fortune cookie papers :D

  4. This is super cute!! I love it. So so pretty!