maandag 6 mei 2013

China Glaze Tantalize me with stars from 2009

Hi Everyone,

This challenge this sunday on AIS was to stamp over a lilac base, but since we celebrated Liberation Day I did not had time to do something new. But I had this never showed lilac mani from 2009, so I thought let's post that one. Even though I've made italmost 4 years ago, I still like these a lot :)

Base China Glaze Tantalize me. Stamped with Konad M45 the tips using SN violet pearl. Put a bit of topcoat over the stamping and then added glitter over it. Stamped with M3 the stars using SN violet pearl and SN pastel blue. And a hexagon star thingy on my ring finger ;)

I also did a matching pedi, stamped with the same plate M3 (also used the other star images on that) and a Hello Kitty decal I'd bought. But the decal had no outlines so she really disappeared on my big toe ;)

 Here you see the decal without any outlines. 

And another picture of my hand.

And of course a swatch of this pretty lilac color with blue shimmer.
Did you guys notice the bottle says 19ml...that is soo weird. The China Glaze bottles are all the same size (except mini's) but they are never 19 ml...LOL.

Thank for reading :)


4 opmerkingen:

  1. So pretty! I love the colors and the stars so much. The not outlined Hello Kitty is so cute but it is too bad she kind of disappears.

  2. I love it!! And I love your feet with Hello Kitty :-)

  3. Beautiful color and I love the stars !!