maandag 23 september 2013

A day on the water :)

Hi Everyone,

I've made this a few months ago really quick. My sister and doggy were staying with us the entire weekend and it was nice weather so we rented a small boat in Giethoorn (also called Dutch Venice ;)) and had a lot of fun.

Color Club Eternal Beauty full nail stamped with Nfu-OH 65 and Nailways A-NW00010 Vive La Vie - Beach Baby. The boat stamped with Konad SN white and colored over it with neon stripers used Nailways A-NW00011 Vive La Vie - On the Water .

Holo on holo is always hard to photograph so here some more pics.

And some swacthes of this pretty holo from Color Club.

Also some pics of that day ;)
  A little stop to visit some of the cute shops there.

Captain Davy ;)

No no nooo don't go through that tree there are all kinds of insects living in there....eeeks :(

 Rock rock rock that boat.

 Beautiful water lily.

 Playing with the lily.

 Of course you see some cow on the route

 Yoshi had the day of her life :) loved sitting there seeing everything.

 Pee stop ;)
Pretty old house. Looks like from a creepy movie or something.

Thanks for reading.


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