dinsdag 21 januari 2014

Dark green holo with holo flowers

Hi Everyone,

Today something I had on my nails a few weeks ago. Some of you may have noticed these nails on the picture of myself in my last post where I was holding all the FUN stuff :)

It was something I did really quick (like I said before busy), but I just wanted to try out that holo and play with some of my MJ (MyOnline Shop) testers plates. 

 Base Born Pretty Store holo no 12 a gorgeous dark green (love love love it). Stamped the flowers with Color Club Angel Kiss and added dots with Color Club Eternal Beauty MyOnline Shop tester plate MJ XXIII (MJ23) and the heart "All we need is love" from the MJ tester plate MJ XXV (MJ25) with Konad SN white.

And some more pictures. 

A blurry one to see all the holo :)

And of course some swatches of this beautiful base color.

I really love this color. And the MJ plates are so much fun too.

Thanks for reading.


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