dinsdag 13 december 2011

1 Minute free shopping at Kruidvat / P2 crackling 020 blue thunder

Thank you for all the sweet, kind, lovely words for me, my family and especially my mom :) I find it soo sweet ♥ and it means a lot to me!

A few months ago I won 1 minute free shopping at Kruidvat (our local drugstore) First I thought it was a joke and I emailed them asking if it was real ;) I kept thinking it was a joke even when we went there by bike. I did not want to go alone so my dad went with me. It was not in my own town but a 45 minute bike trip (we don't have a car ;) ) I had to be there at 8.00 in the morning so it was a nice early morning trip for me and my dad...ofcourse the rest of the stores were closed so I kept saying it was fake hahaha.

It was not like one minute free shopping like you see on tv...just throw everything in it. There were a lot of rules... you could only pick one piece of each product, you could only pick 4 pieces of make up and facial care (that was for me a reason not to go there because it was on the otherside of the store and it would have cost me half a minute to get there), you had to start in the aisle with the deo and shampoo, no electronica, one perfume for him and her and some more rules.

Here you can see some pictures of me and my free shopping stash, I also have some movies but those are horrible ;) You can see me really nervous, talking weird and stuff (I'm still feel embarrassed when I see those)

Here you see me at the end with all my goodies :) I had to show everything so Kruidvat could take some pictures for their facebook ;)

I had to grab those Hello Kitty and Cars pillows, Kitty for my big sister and Cars for my boyfriend ;)

I'm standing in front of the store waiting, and hoping that I see people inside so it wasn't a joke ;)

Before the minute started I was talking to the girls about my stategy.

Here you see me with my full basket after the minute.
When I had only 5 seconds left I ran to the Kitty and Cars pillows I also fell because the floor was very slippery and I was running fast ;) (normally I wear heals, I was so happy that I managed to find my yellow Puma shoes) Luckily you can't see on the movies that I fell, otherwise everyone could see that on youtube.

Showing all the goodies :)

The total amount of my goodies....259,55 euros.

Posing with the entire Kruidvat team of that store and my new stuff.

Back home at my mom and dads place, showing all the goodies on the table for my mom.
The results of one minute free shopping :)
- 1 big Hello Kitty pillow
- 1 big Cars pillow
- Meccano radio controlled car (you can build it in 2 models
- 2 kinds of Oral B toothbrushes
- Oral B electric toothbrush
- 2 kinds of John Frieda foam hair dye
- 8 Dove deodorants (2 for men)
- 4 Dove shower gels
- 4 Guhl products (mask, shampoo, leave-in spray, conditioner)
- The new Gliss Kur collection (hairmask, repair spray, oil, conditioner, shampoo)
- 2 Gliss Kur products (shampoo and shine spray)
- 5 Kneipp shampoo and 1 conditioner

Me happy and tired in front of my new stuff :)

If you want to see more pictures look here: More pictures of my 1 minute free shopping

And here are the horrible movies (OMG).
The first one made my dad and the second one is from Kruidvat:

Shame shame shame shame shame on me ;)

During this one minute shopping I had a crackling creation on my nails. I cutted my nails, so I could grab everything better :P

Base Seventeen (Greek brand) 492 with P2 crackling 020 blue thunder. I also stamped a white four leaf clover on my ring finger for good luck (not just for te one minute shopping but most of all for my mom) I forgot to take a picture of that

With flash under artificial light.

Some swatches of the Seventeen base color.

I love this blue color :)


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  1. This post is full of pure awesomeness! Plus i love the mani!


  2. I love Lightning McQueen pillow :D My son is at the moment totaly obsessed with it :D

  3. Glad for you!!
    Must be so cool!!!
    Great mani!
    I love the colors!

  4. Very cool...free is always great! And you did well all within the minute!

    So how did you get it home if you biked there? lol!

  5. Whahaha tof! Wel jammer dat er zoveel restricties zitten op het graaien!!

    Leuke buit, dat het nog zoveel was als totaalbedrag :D good job!

  6. fijn om weer iets van je online te lezen, wil jou en je familie veel sterkte wensen in deze moeilijke tijd.

    Gaaf dat je 1 minuut winkelen mogen, toch best nog wel heel veel wat je in je mandje had. jammer dat je niet een graai kon doen bij de make-up omdat die te ver weg was. Maar toch een mooie buit heb je binnen gehaald. Prachtige crack nagels heel erg mooi. Alvast fijne dagen gewenst .

  7. Wow! What an amazing experience!
    Lovely mani, looks kindda frosty :)

  8. ik zou alles meeslepen hahaha.. leuk !!

  9. Wow!! Lots of goodies :D I love Hello Kitty pillow and the manicure is amazing ^.^

  10. AAAH Diana is dat de Kruidvat in Veenendaal Corridor?!
    Wat super leuk dat je hebt gewonnen! Ik had ook nog meegedaan.

  11. Congratulations on your fun win! I love seeing the faces of the girls who blog & I love your yellow Pumas. I have a pair of grey pumas with dark pink sequined swooshes.

  12. The hello Kitty is so cute.
    Love the nails you did.