donderdag 9 september 2010


This weekend I went to the Efteling, it's a big theme park here in the Netherlands. The planning was to make it a family day out, but my mom was sick (more then a month now) so she and my dad couldn't come and I went alone with my boyfriend.
On my nails I have Pardoes that is the symbol of the Efteling. Pardoes are self made water decals. (also the logo on my thumb) I stamped with Konad SN yellow and plate M3. The red dots I made with a dotting tool. As a base I'm wearing China Glaze Spin me round from the Kaleidoscope collection.

I also made my feet match with my hands ;)

Here you can see my nails and on the background a statue of Pardoes.

The Efteling is really a beautifull park with lot's of green and flowers.
From up here you can see the entire park but I'm not that crazy about heights so I didn't went in there ;)

I met up with one of my little nail friends Svenja, (sometimes I call here my little sister for fun) the park was open untill midnight and in the evening she joined us and we went in the big rollercoaster together. And from eleven till midnight we stayed in the waterboats, we were totally soaked :)

We are standing in front of Vogelrok, a rollercoaster in the dark with flash lights and birds.

You have the Carnaval there it's really fun (maybe childish but I like it :) ) there all moving dolls and then you visit different countries. For example: The Netherlands, France, Japan and some African jungle country.

There was also a Lego exhibition and I loved the big dino so I had to take a picture ;)
Another attraction is Pandadream it's a 3D movie with special effect from the WWF. And at the end you can morph yourself into an animal. So this is me as a Walrus hahaha.

I had a wonderful day with my boyfriend and in the evening also with Svenja. To bad my parents couldn't come but maybe next year.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. hihi jij moet kei ver bukken om even groot als svenja te zijn;) wel superleuke nagels!(L)

  2. Super leuke nagels
    moest zo lachen om die foto van de panda droom
    svenja is ook mijn zusje hahaha

  3. wat leuk om al die foto's te zien!
    je nagels zijn zoooo gaaf!!

  4. Haha krijg meteen zin in de efteling! Je hebt trouwens echt prachtig haar!

  5. Thanks :)

    @ Sylvia dankjewel ben ook wel trots op me haar. Al is het soms wel lastig ahhaha aangezien het niks weegt en al snel alle kanten op waait :P