woensdag 19 januari 2011

Octa Gone Wild with nail art

So here are the photo's of China Glaze Octa Gone Wild with nail art on it. This is an older creation, I believe it was in May 2009. The swatch photo's in my previous post were from January 2009.

I stamped with Konad SN black pearl and white imageplate M54, and with SN violet pearl and white imageplate M36. On my ringfinger two purple rhinestones. Photo with flash.

Photo without flash, outside.

Photo of my hand.

I know some people don't like photo's of toes/feet so don't look at the next photo then ;) I like matching my feet with my hands when it is nice weather and I can wear flip-flops :)

I also made a french with Octa Gone Wild in July 2009.
Base a light pearly nailpolish don't remember the brand and a french from Octa Gone Wild. Stamped with Konad imageplate M3 in the colors SN violet pearl, yellow, PSN blue pearl, coral blue, psyche pink and green and yellow mixed.

Photo without flash, daylight. (don't mind my cuticles I didn't had Lemony flutter back then ;))

Next blog: a swatch of He's going in circles.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. wow! love this!



  2. wauwww alle creaties zijn echt super mooi!!
    lief dat je volger bent geworden..
    en geen dank hoor...vertel je graag wat mooie lakjes zijn hihi

  3. ohhh wacht maar tot dat je die andere 2 ziet die ik gekocht heb...zijn ook helemaal geweldig!!
    moest een keuze maken...waren zoveel mooie...!!
    ook die blauwe is helemaal geweldig..!!
    ben benieuwd hihi!

  4. So cute french mani!
    Thanks for visit my blog and following... ;-)