dinsdag 25 januari 2011

Valentine's Day ideas part 1

I know it is still China Glaze Kaleidoscope week at my blog, but I wanted to show my current creation. Valentine's Day is coming up so I thought it would me nice to make and show some romantic/love nails the next few weeks. After this blog I will continue with the Kaleidoscope week first. And in between I will also show my entry for the "Show us you country challenge" at Parokeets. But for today a love creation ;)

OPI Chapel of love, with metallic decals and I stamped with Konad SN blue pearl and imageplate M3.

Although I make my own water decals, I love buying different kinds of decals. These decals are metallic and a regular printer doesn't have metallic silver or gold ink ;) so I love buying special decals.

I bought these decals on Ebay, seller Chicasware they were very nice. One sheet was wrong, the protection frame wasn't printed on it, so when I used it the decals dissolved. And I contacted Chicasware and they were so nice the sent me a few new sheets, while only one sheet was wrong. So that was really great service :) way to kind but I really appreciate it.

My nails in a different position, the decals are really metallic so they reflect the flash of the camera.

The nailpolish color isn't accurate but here you can see the decals better. (you can also see the gold shimmer in the polish a bit better)

Photo with flash under artificial light.

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