woensdag 8 juni 2011

Landscape: ♥ my new spring/summer nails 2011 ♥

Today I finally show you my new spring/summer landscape nails from this year. I made them this weekend. And personally really like them, can't stop looking at my nails. Especially when it's raining outside, they just make me happy :)

(You can click on the photo to enlarge it)
Base Essence 05 Speed of light blue from the You Rock Limited Edition, Golden Rose holographic color 115 for the green and Nubar Absolute for the blue. For the water I used the same colors first the Essence one and then a coat of Nubar.

Imageplates: C01 (Konad Coraline) for the sun, S2 part of the palm tree for some grass, M23 for the red flowers and leafs, M66 for some plants and grass, M79 for the clouds, HB32 for the small flowers and butterfly and HB34 for the flamingos, swan, frog, dragonfly and birds.

For stamping I used all Konad SN or PSN polishes: pop green, olive green, green, violet pearl, blue pearl, psyche pink, pink pearl, yellow, white, cool red and pastel orange.

I also used some Essence nail art pens and a dotting tool to add some details like the flamingos beak and feet, the swan eyes and beak and the middle of the flowers.

Some people asked me if my right hand would look the same as my left, so here a photo of my right hand ;)

This weekend my nails and I ;) visited Giuditta place. She had just received her nail polish wall displays/racks and did not had any tools/supplies to hang them up on her wall. So I immediately asked my dad if he had any screws for me and if I could borrow his tools....and there I went to the railway station to get on the train with everything. It was soooo hot that day luckily Giuditta picked me up at the station with her bike so all the heavy stuff could go in het bicycle bags. It was a long walk to her home but in the mean time we had a lot of time to chat and visit some stores :)

We had so much fun that day, especially when I was saying/grumbling that my dad gave me the smallest screwdrivers I had ever seen and he probably thought.."Oh women have small hands or something" and after we were done I found the handle where I supposed had click them in.....hahaha I felt sooo stupid and dumb. Another hilarious thing was when we were rearranging her nail polishes by brand and color she said... "Oh those two really look a like" and then she picked them up and looked at the bottom and saw a big surprise....THEY WERE THE SAME ;)  and both of them she bought recently. She gave one bottle to me, as a thank you gift a long with some decals she received that day, for helping that day.....thank you so much ♥
Here you can see my new friend (Color Club Total Mystery) going to his new home in the train ;) with some typical grass landscape behind it through the window. Also added the decals to the photo. Once again thanks Giuditta for that day, I really needed that.

If you want to see Giuditta' stash and read more you can visit her blog here:
There also is this hilarious/ridiculous photoshopped photo of me there, don't look at that please ;)

I'm really happy with this creation and don't want to remove it, but friday I have it on my nails for a week and then I won't be able to do my nails again untill tuesday, I don't think they will survive that long :( So I think I do have to say goodbye to them friday ;)

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  1. I love the fact that when someone looks at your nails "the world" is upside down :)

  2. Hahahaha yes that is true LOL. I always make my nails for myself ;) so I can see them. And I'm typing a lot so I can see them correctly. If other people want to see them not upside down I guess I just have to sit with my hands in my face and my head leaning on them ;)

  3. Ms. D..it's like a trip for Huckleberry Finn! Awesomeness <3<3

    Are you ambidextrous because that looks like the right hand craftsmanship!?!

    Hope your doing okay you and your mom!


  4. Prachtig! Vind die wolkjes zo cute, en die flamingo's! <3

  5. Oh and I had to tag you, you are one of my top favs and I just was dying to know...I posted on my site: Tag What's in your purse.

  6. Ficaram lindas, como todos os seus trabalhos.

  7. I came across your blog from another blogger ! you did wonderful nail art ! appreciate all the small details on every nails :) lovely ! well done !

  8. Wauw wat een vrolijke boel op je nagels. Super leuk!

  9. Haha leuke Diana de Bouwer foto! En weer een mooi design op je nagels, ben echt supernieuwsgierig hoe jij zelf je water decals maakt(zonder te trillen haha) en nog zo mooi ook. Is dat niet met doorzichtige nagellak als achtergrond enzo?
    Bedankt voor je reactie trouwens! Ik wist helemaal niet dat er XL plates bestonden (bedankt voor de tip!).

  10. WOW! i love it! really!!! such a good idea. its like paradise on your nails. Soooooo Love it!! Wow! ^_^

    you can visit my blog too. ^_^

  11. I love it! You're soo talented;)