zondag 20 oktober 2013

Who is that knocking in the coffin?

Hi everyone,

Today I want to show you a mani I did earlier. As you know my sister won a Bundlemonster create your own set, cause one of her designs was chosen to be on the plates :) She let me borrow her plates for a few weeks so I can make some mani's with it :) And I had to promise her to do a mani with " her" coffin image :) So here it is. My nails are now a lot shorter cause I've cut them this week, but I had to keep them long for this mani otherwise the coffin would not fit on my pinkie ;) haha.

Who is that knocking in the coffin?
It's me.... the skeleton man  Let me out let me out! 
Yes I am almost there just a little bit further. 
Woohoo I am out, you can't catch me. 
Na nana nanaaa.... Happy dance :) 

The base a subtle gradient with Konad SN dark orange and SN pastel orange on top a holo polish Hits No Olimpo Demeter (wish I had more of this collection haha, love it and the Greek signs on the bottle) Stamped my sis her coffin from BM402 in Konad SN black colored them with black and stamped over it in white. Stamped the skeleton man (mostly parts of it) from BM413 in white.

And some pictures of the subtle gradient holo base :)

Later this week I will show you my shorter nails too, and some other Halloween mani's I did earlier too, so some are on my long nails and some an my "shorties" haha.

PS: don't forget to vote for your favorite entry in the Bundlemonster contest see: http://www.bundlemonster.com/cirquedufreakcontestentry if you like mine A witching time at night when everything might bite I am on page no 10 ;) You can vote daily on all the mani's you love and there are some pretty amazing mani's there :)

Have a nice Sunday! Thanks for reading.


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