dinsdag 6 december 2011

Super Mario nails and some personal info

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for not blogging for a while that wasn't my intention, but a lot has happend the last weeks. My moms 2nd heavy chemo was postponend because of bad blood levels and that made her really sad because the longer she had to wait the more time the cancer has to multiply. And we had a feeling that those heavy chemos did more than the 6 regular ones she already had. In the mean time she did had her chemo and she is home again. She has a busy month ahead, blood test, another heavy chemo, MRI scan, bone marrow biopsy and a lot more. that is too difficult to explain even in Dutch ;) Then if everything goes to plan she will be having a bone marrow transplant next year...so fingers crossed.

More bad things happend but I will tell you later first some nice things ;) We finally celebrated my boyfriends birthday when we came back from our holiday. We invited some friend for a game party. So I made Super Mario nails with 10 different characters :)

My left hand.
Base Color Club Worth the Risque, selfmade water decals of Yoshi, Mario, Goomba, Toad and Bowser. Stamped the tips with Konad SN green, blue, brown, red and yellow. Imageplate XL B.

My right hand.
Base Color Club Worth the Risque, selfmade water decals of Donkey Kong  Dry Bones, Princess Peach, Luigi and Koopa Paratroopa. Stamped the tips with Konad SN brown, blue, yellow, green and red. Imageplate XL B.

Both hands together :)

And some swatches of Color Club Worth the Risque.

Like I said a lot has happend bad and good stuff, some good is that I won one minute of free shopping at Kruidvat our local drugstore :) I will blog about that later this week.

Something bad is that my hamster died this summer, and after our holiday I decided to finally buy a new one, because I missed having a small animal friend. And animals make me happy when I feel down. We bought a sweet really small hamster and called him Windy (I know a bit strange but that name has a whole story to it ;))

We got him friday and he was really sweet and active, but sunday evening he was lifeless in his cage :( To make the story shorter..he probably had a deadly disease called wet tail (not the symptoms yet) because his brother back in the pet store died saturday and had this disease. They were very young (I never had such a small "gold" hamster and I have hamsters for more then 10 years now) I could look for a new one but decided to wait a few weeks because although he was only with me for a couple of days it made me sad that such a small young baby animal suddenly died and I missed him. And because of the stuff that is going on..I was down and said things like I can't do anything and can't take care of anything I'm useless bla bla bla ;)

Me and Windy R.I.P. Never forget you!!!

A few weeks later a could choose a new hamster...they had two for me and it was soo hard to choose. After a few hours petting both we made a decision . My new hamster reminded us of a bear (also a donkey because of his eyes) and we called him Pooh (bear). After a few days he had Wet tail too, so I was really scared because 90% die of this disease. He had really the sypthoms and I did everything I could, I also went back to the vet that was inside the pet store (the costs were for the pet store so that was nice) the vet did not know about this disease...I was really shocked that I had to tell her everything about it. Anyway I got some antibiotics and that same evening before I gave it he was looking better already, so hopefully because of my own care too...and now he is totally better :)

This is my sweet Pooh :)

PS: ofcourse that are not my hands ;) but from my sister, she is a nail biter too, just like I was 4 years ago ;) And my nails looked a lot like hers back then ;)

I promise to blog again very soon!


17 opmerkingen:

  1. Your nails look amazing! I've missed your posts but full understand that you have other priorities in your life especially with everything you are going through with your mom. It sounds like you've had some rough spells...I look forward to your posts whenever you can!

  2. Wishing you all the best with your mom, I can´t even imagine how hard it must be for you going through something like this.
    And the nails are so adorable! I love all the Mario characters and they sure do pop against Worth The Risque :)

  3. Me too, wishing all the best to ur mom!

    I love ur nails, always do! very creative and such unique decals!

  4. Bij jou houd het ook niet op he meid. Mijn schoonpa ligt ook weer in het ziekenhuis. Nu hartproblemen.
    Hoop dat het voor je moeder toch snel de goede kant opgaat, want de strijd duurd nu wel al heel lang voor haar en jullie ook natuurlijk.

    Zag je filmpje van kruidvat gaaf hoor!

    Je nagels zien er nog steeds super uit!

    Hoop dat je nu wat meer geluk hebt met je hamstertje hij ziet er echt cute uit!

  5. Heel veel beterschap en sterkte met mam! Ik snap dat je dan minder blog-tijd neemt, kost veel energie allemaal :)

    Good for Pooh!!! Hij ziet er lief uit, wel een beetje sneu dat je moest vertellen over de ziekte...

  6. veel beterschap en veel sterkte!!!
    Leuke nailart!

  7. Hey ikke weer :-)

    nee ik kan niet meer op het forum, weet ook niet hoe dat komt :-(

  8. I really hope your mom gets her transplant! I am a nurse and I work with cancer patients. I will send best wishes to you and her. Also am so sorry for your hamster loss but glad you picked out another one to love! I hate to see pets in stores and wonder what happens when no one comes to love them!m am totally loving your Mario nails! Really awesome!

  9. I love your nails you always do such amazing designs and the decals are so cute :)

  10. i'm glad you're back, hope your mom will be better, keep my fingers crossed :-D
    love your new pet, we lost our hamster few months ago, and we're ready for new one :-D
    love your mani of course ;-)

  11. I hope your mom will get better as soon as posible, I send you two my best wishes ;)
    Your manicure is amazing and Pooh is soooo lovely :D

  12. I hopw she will be get the transplant... I'm sending good vibes to you and your family...
    Pooh is very cute <3

  13. i am praying for your mom's health.. i understand your feelings coz my mom also suffered a cancer. i love your mani :) and you hamham "Pooh" is really cute! :D

  14. It sure is nice to see your posts again! I am sending good, healing thoughts for your mom. My mom had cervical cancer while pregnant with my younger brother. I hope you and your family are able to have a relaxing holiday to help with keeping good energy stored for your mom.

  15. You know where i am if you ever need to let off steam! - Im sending my love and hugs to you and your family at this hard time!


    Ps omg this manicure rocks!

  16. Hi Diana,
    what a beautiful nails, that of Mario!
    Can I buy them somewhere?

    I like to hear, Gr. blackbird

    1. Hi Blackbird,

      It are selfmade water decals, I don't sell them, just make them for my self and friends. But it is quite fun to make your own decals and not that difficult. I wrote a post about how to make them too. See top 10 blogpost at the left.