vrijdag 11 mei 2012

Purple holo with nail art

Today an older simple creation for you all :) I made these nails in August 2011 during my blogging break. I've made them for a festival week that was in the village I live in. It's every year at the end of August when the heather is blossoming and it's called Heideweek (Heather week).

I used Teeez Outta Contral as a base and stamped some plants that looked like heather on them with XL plate F and SN violet pearl.

Ofcourse I like to make matching toes in the Summer :)

Here some swatches of this gorgeous polish.

I also wanted to mention that I got the Versatile Blogger Award from the lovely Emily from Macabre Manicures I believe I already got this award and told 7 things about myself. So I'm not going to pass it again. But I did wanted mention it because every time someone gives me an award I feel so honered ♥ Almost all the blogs I follow already got this award. Be sure to check out Emily's blog Macabre Manicures and check the blogs from the girls she gave the award to. Thanks again Emily :)

Have a nice weekend!

And if you like check my previous blog post and vote for my strawberry nails, you can still vote every day this weekend ;)


7 opmerkingen:

  1. these are sooo pretty, love the way you did your toes!!!

  2. Every time i check your blog i fall in love, it's unfair! lool. Its'a simple, but so goregeous manicure!! =D**

  3. Lovely your nails, i loved the polish *.*

  4. Hope U had a lot of fun during the festival! OMG! that purple holo looks just absolutely stunning!

  5. Ik baal nog steeds dat ik dit lakje niet meer heb kunnen kopen! De roze en blauwe had ik wel, maar de roze vind ik zelf te rood.
    Zoals altijd; your nailart looks fabulous!

  6. This purple holo polish is so gorgeous, and I love how you matched your nails to your toes! Too cute!