vrijdag 25 mei 2012

Neon Gradient Cow

Hello :)

I also made these a couple of weeks ago for the Unnatural Animals challenge. I really wanted to try the make-up sponges sponge technique. I usually sponge color by color with Konad sponges and when I do a holo gradient I just paint them layer by layer because those polishes blend perfectly. But doing all the colors on a make-up sponge seemed a lot easier and faster, so I tried it :)

I did this over my Romance in Paris nails, just quickly removed the decal and stamps a bit. Did not want to paint a base again and I thought that light pink will be good underneath it. So it is not so neat but I was happy with it

I thought a neon gradient Cow with blue spots was unnatural enough for the challenge ;)

The base is sponged over Orly Cotton Candy with all 6 colors of the China Glaze Poolside collection (Pool Party, Flip Flop Fantasy, Sun Worshiper, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Kiwi Cool-Ada, Towel Toy Boy) Stamped some Cow prints with Konad PSN coral blue and imageplate M61.

Here some pictures with different lighting, it is always difficult to capture neons.

Also some swatch pictures. Like I said it wasn't very neat, you see parts of the stamps under it and the base wasn't totally smooth anymore. But with stamping it wasn't showing.

Have a nice and happy weekend :) The weather is sooo great here in Holland. I am wearing a neon gradient right now too, but I will show you that one next week ;)


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