dinsdag 24 november 2015

MoYou Nails: review of all 14 square plates

Hello Everyone,

Today I have an exciting blog post for you all, I have the 14 new square plates from MoYou Nails to share with you. 

I personally really love these plates, they are so diverse so there is something on it for everybody. The plates have beautiful full nails (elegant, floral, lace, optical illusion etc), sceneries from some world cities, french tip designs (with lots of details) and great single images for all kinds of occasions (different holidays and seasons, hearts, wings, love/ wedding themed, animals, floral, comic and hairdresser themed and many more).

I'll show you scans of the plates individually and some pictures from their website too and also share some basic information like the sizes, but first a picture of all the plates together. And don't forget if you want 20% off then use the code: Diana

Basic information:
- The plates are 6,7 cm by 6,7 cm (2.63 inch by 2.63 inch*)
- All the plates come with white plastic backing and have the MoYou Nails logo printed on the back.
- The full nail images vary from 1,3/1,5 cm by 1,8 cm (0.51/0.59 inch by 0.71 inch).
- The french tip images are around 1,5 cm by 0,5 cm (0.59 inch by 0.2 inch)
- The single images are various sizes (but they aren't that big like on some other plates I personally like this size)
- The plates cost  £4.99 or get all 14 now for  £49.99
- Use the code Diana for 20% off (valid on the .com and .us site)
* we measure in centimeters but for all my US readers I used an inch converter so I hope that I did that right ;)

Here you see the plastic backing with the logo on it.

The plates are packed separately and come with blue protection foil on it.

Here I have taken of the packaging and foil.

Now lets have a closer look at all the plates :) I'll show the scanned image and the image from MoYou's website.
Don't mind the little dust on it, somehow my scanner picks up everything ;) I am sure it is dust since I just removed the protection foil and there are no scratches on it.

Plate 400: This one is has sort of optical illusion images on it.

Plate 401: Fabric full nail pattern like lace, plaid, houndstooth.

 Plate 402: all sorts of full nail images like Barok style

Plate 403: Floral full nail images with beautiful details.

Plate 404: Sceneries of World cities and some more floral full nail images. 

Plate 405: mixed full nail images, mustaches, puppy paws, puzzle pieces, bubbles and more. 

Plate 406: fun unique french tip designs (I personally like this one think they are some unique images on it)

Plate 407: holiday and season images (Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Winter, Autumn)

Plate 408: a mix of single images some cute animals, summer, sunglasses etc.

Plate 409: hearts and wings

Plate 410 Wedding themed, love couples, glasses, swans, cakes etc.

Plate 411:  all kinds of beautiful animals (horses, peacock, birds, butterflies, owls).

Plate 412: Flowers all kinds of single images.

Plate 413: mixed single images comic and hairdresser images.

Like I said before I love this collection, they are so divers and I love it that all the images aren't too big. I know there are lot's of people who prefer bigger full nail and single images but for me personally I am really pleased with these sizes. It seems to me that lately many brands all think bigger is better, I am not saying these are small but more regular size, they will fit on people with smaller nails but also be great on bigger nails. My nails aren't that width or long and I always think it's a shame when part of the single images get lost on the nail. That was also the case for me with MoYou Nails Concept collection, beautiful collection but the single parts were way to big and I could never stamp the entire image (I use them anyway and try to make it work, but just being able to stamp the entire image like you see it is nice too :)). And as far as the full nail sizes for those with longer nails you can always try to double stamp or use the image in another way.

Here some quick random paper stamping swatches.
They stamp beautiful and have lots of details. I plan to do many mani's with these plates.

My first mani done with these are my puppy nails (I'll write a separate blog about those nails and the story behind it too). But I used 405 and 408 for this mani.

Overall I think MoYou Nails did great with this collection, there is something on it for everyone and they also have some really unique refreshing images.

Don't forget the code "Diana" will give you 20% off on the .com and .us website.

I hope you liked this post and thank you for reading,


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