vrijdag 27 juli 2012

Self Designed Dragon nails..lol :)

Hi Everyone,

Today I have something funny to show you ;) I got creative and made my own images out of other parts of imageplates. I made these for the cool History, Myths and Legends contest of Nat from http://noholos.blogspot.nl/2012/07/stamping-and-freehand-contest.html This was such a challenge for me, since I did not have any stamps for this theme. It supposed be dragons above an old castle wall...lol :) I had so much fun thinking and making this. As you know I always love a great theme and challenge. This is actually my 2nd design I first tested both of them on paper. I will make my 1st design later. The contest is open untill August 10th so you should all enter too :) The contest has lots of prices and different stamping categories.

I had a hard time taking a normal picture because the base was too shimmery and metallic so I don't have one without the paper sorry for that. But I was already happy that I managed to make a picture that wasn't blurry or too light. And also the base colors are color accurate here.

Base is a gradient of Golden Rose Paris Magic color 327 & 328. All stamped with Konad SN black.
Thumb: head M27, body H11, wing BM314, fire out of his mouth H20, sort of castle wall XL B.
Index: dragon fire BM12, sort of castle wall XL B.
Middle finger: head and body HB016, wing BM314, tail BM305, sort of castle wall XL B.
Ring finger: head M27, body BM15, wing BM314, tail BM305, sort of castle wall XL B.
Pinkie: dragons tail BM305, sort of castle wall XL B.

Here some swatches of the gradient base.

You can see how reflecting and shimmery it was with just a bit of light.

A bit blurry.

With flash it totally got lighter.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


5 opmerkingen:

  1. That is so creative and really Awesome!!! I love the gradient background and love how you used different images to create what you needed. I would definitely vote for your design. It is super cool

  2. the final result is awesome, love your dragons and base gradient :-D

  3. waw deze zijn echt gaaf, ben vandaag aan het prutsen geweest om decals te maken...zat toevallig oo een draak tussen. Valt toch niet mee vind ik, zijn niet zo mooi als gekochte...bij mij toch niet :-(

  4. Oh you are so good! This is freakin amazing as always my dear!