zaterdag 14 juli 2012

Summer Neon Gradient: Turn Up The Beach

Hello everyone,

Today I have a summer neon gradient to show you :) Still have more of them from a few weeks ago, but these I made this week. I am going to a dance festival on the beach today that is called Turn Up the Beach. Not really my kind of music, but I think it would be fun anyway with my friends. Although the weather forecast is really really bad, with lots of rain and only 17 degrees Celsius (that is like 63 degree Fahrenheit). I first had a different ring finger (that was my entry for the OC contest) but later changed it with a decal for the Turn Up The Beach festival :)

I did this neon gradient base a while ago with a blue cow print on it, that was the first time I tried sponging with all the colors on one sponge at the same time. Back then I already knew I was gonna do it again for this festival but with palm trees on it :)

Base P2 Ship Ahoi! 010 Pure White. Sponged with all 6 colors of the China Glaze Poolside collection. And added China Glaze Wireless Holographic on top. Stamped with Konad SN black and imageplate S2. And a self made water decal on my ring finger of the logo from the festival.

Here you can see how it first look liked :)
 Left hand.

 Right hand.

 Hands and feet :)

Everything together, this is how I send it in for the OC Summer is Here nail art contest on their FB page.

Last month was my B-day and for my B-day I hosted a contest on Adventures in Stamping Group on facebook... I love that group. The theme for that contest was Fun in the Sun. A lot of my followers are a member there so you all now this ;) But if you're not you can see all the lovely entries there if you join this group. Below you can see the photo I made as an album cover for all the entries. A collage of some of mine summer themed creations I made over the years.

Have a nice weekend everyone, and please sent some sun to this small cold rainy country ;)


12 opmerkingen:

  1. I love this manicure! I send you some sun from here (south of Spain). It´s shining and it´s soo hot now...
    Have a nice weekend :-)

  2. Beautiful this nail, very funny!

  3. awesome *.*
    i wish there's some rain over here, it's just too hot :-(

  4. So nice and bright! I love that you customized a nail especially for the festival.

  5. Thank you all also for sending the sun :) Xox

  6. hello Diana, I hope you are doing good!! I just had a question about this mani. When you are doing your gradient do you only do the sponging one time over a white base or do you do your stamping for two or three times or coats? I use a white base, all the same poolside collection in the same order but my green always seems to over run the blue and it isn't turning out as I know it won't be the exact same but my gradient colors don't blend as well or as lightly as yours do. I just wondered if you only go the sponging one time over each nail or do you use the sponge two or more times for each nail? Thank you for your help. As always I am trying to copy your nails..I come close but yours are truly manis of great perfection.. Very Awesome Nails!! Nicky

  7. Sorry Diana in this sentence -When you are doing your gradient do you only do the sponging one time over a white base or do you do your stamping for two or three times or coats? I meant "Sponging" not "Stamping". Thanks Hon!! ^_^