woensdag 15 augustus 2012

Spiderweb nails and some funny dressed up photos

Hi everyone,

Today some older nails I made in february this year for Carnival. They did not turned out the way I wanted but it was just for a day and suited my Carnival outfit. Will show some pictures of how we (my sis, my BF and I) looked liked that day :)

Base Essence 78 Right, Girl stamped BM13 and SN white and M28 and SN black. I couldn't get a good picture so the spiders kinda disappeared on the base with the flash. 

Some swatches of this red base.

And some pictures of how we look liked, it was so much fun painting my BF's face this way. My sister already bought her costume in December and really wanted to be a vampire, so we had to find something that suited hers a bit. I did not had too much to spend so just added some spiders everywhere on my hat and neckless, earings and clothes and make up.

It was really funny to dress up a bit (not my clothes (those I normally wear too) but the hat, gloves, spiders everywhere and make up :)

Enjoy your day!


8 opmerkingen:

  1. Do U have carnival for Halloween? Love all the outfits!

  2. Thank you all. Carnival was in February you can dress up the way you want....we liked the more scary Halloween stuff ;) (some years before I was a bunny and Hawaiian hoola girl) Halloween isn't really celebrated here in Holland :( so we thought lets do it with Carnival.

  3. Great costume and nails to match! :)

  4. You are SO pretty here, Diana! I love the red lipstick and nails! Gorgeous as always.