maandag 29 april 2013

Queens Day (Q-day) 2013

Hello Everyone :)

Tonight we celebrate Queens-night and tomorrow will be our last Queens-day. Our queen Beatrix is passing the throne to her son Willem Alexander. So next year we will be celebrating Kings Day...that sounds weird LOL. The night before Queens-day is always one big party night in a lot of cities here in Holland. With music on the streets and beer/ or soda for those who don't drink ;) everything is orange (that is our national color) and red, white and blue (the colors of our flag). There are also flea markets and many more festivities, but I always like the music (live bands and DJ's). So me and my friends are going to party tonight ;) So of course I've made Q-day nails again. Click here for my previous Q-day nails from the last years.

Base Impala (matte fluors) Tech, a really bright neon orange. Stamped music lines/ notes in the colors of our flag using SN red, SN white and SN blue Konad M22 and crowns from Konad M40 stamped with Kleancolor metallic black. Also added some orange rhinestones on the crowns.

The base color is really hard to capture so I took a lot of pictures with different lighting.

Saturday my sister and I went shopping (did not bought anything but okay) and we called it "sisters day" we always have sooo much fun on days like these. And we spotted the special Dutch Queens/King train. It was the train we had to take too, so that was really funny. When you took a picture of yourself and the train and uploaded it you could win some prizes. They call it the B to A train. Normally they have this motto that they (the train company) will bring you daily from place A to place B. But now they said we will also bring B to A that means the throne change from our queen Beatrix (the B) to our king to be (Willem) Alexander (the A).

So here some pics of the train and us :)

For all the Dutch people: Fijne Koninginnenacht/dag (Happy Queensnight/day)!

Thanks for reading.


8 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the mani! Very cool!! You and your sister are so cute!!! That train is pretty cool too.

  2. Hoe laat je die neons goed drogen gisteren twee x gelakt de laatste x pas na twee uur gestempeld alles weer beschadigd...

    1. Wat voor neon was dat dan? Ik heb namelijk nooit last met neon, vind het juist 1 vd sneller drogende lakken. Vaak doe ik een witte basis eronder (in dit geval had ik er een nude holo onder want holo droogt ook zo snel en had haast ;)) Echt balen dat het zo rot ging met jouw neons :(

  3. cool mani, next year you'll be celebrating king's day ;)
    you too are such a lovely girls :D

  4. Nou willempie, zet um op! Leuke feestelijke nagels hoor :D

  5. Have a great time!

    Your mani looks very cute and totally queen inspired!

  6. Thank you all :) We had a wonderful Q-day and Q-night..luckily no rain ;)