vrijdag 19 april 2013

Ylin mood polish with stamping :)

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I really felt like wearing a mood polish again :) So I decided to try my Ylin mood no 7 polish that I got from The Born Pretty Store :) It is a really cool nail polish it turns blue when it gets warm and is purple when it is cold. But most of the time I have blue nail beds and purple tips. I have played with it under the tap so I have a lot of swatches but first I'll show you it with stamping on it :).

Base Ylin mood polish no 7. My nail beds are warm (blue) en my nail tips cold (purple) with a layer Catrice ¿Holo Qué Tal? topcoat for some pink shimmer. Stamped with Konad M88 and Kleancolor metallic purple and metallic aqua.

 This is how it looks like when my hands are cold.

 With different light so you see the stamping a bit better.

And another one with also different lighting.

Here a swatch of the Ylin polish with the Catrice ¿Holo Qué Tal? topcoat on it. 
 You see my middle finger was still a bit cold, because there is a purple spot on it.

And now some swatches of the Ylin mood polish no 7. Like I said I was playing with it under the water, so my nails/hands are wet in these pictures.
 Cold so they are purple.

 Warm so they are blue :)

 Warm and cold.

 Just playing with some water drops on it.

And the last picture is how it looks most of the time. Blue nail beds and purple tips.

I really love this polish, in the bottle it looks a bit strange, a mix of different colors (pink, purple, dark blue) and shaking it did not made it better. But you don't see any of this on the nail.

You can buy this and other mood changing polishes at The Born Pretty Store

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice weekend :)


8 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat gaaf ik heb er geen heel leuk om te zien

  2. That's a very pretty gradient mani - lovely colors too!

  3. My favourite is the blue and purple background. Looks so pretty.

  4. This one is the one I wanted! I ended up with the pink / purple one which is nice but I prefer the blue :) thanks for sharing!

  5. I have this polish and it´s so funny to "play" with changes of temperature :-)
    Your stamping on it is great.

  6. So beautiful! I love colour changing polishes :)