donderdag 13 juni 2013

Concert nails for Rod Stewart with my Daddy ;)

Hi everyone,

I entered a contest (not nail related) on facebook it was in honor of Father's Day. All you had to do was answer if your dad was more a rocker or an opera fan. And I said he was a rocker. You could win a VIP night out with your dad and I was one of the lucky winners...woohoo so funny I could not believe it. And I won member (sort of VIP) tickets for Rod Stewart in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Some other girls won a night out to the opera. It was also very last minute cause the tickets were mailed tuesday and the concert was wednesday so we were hoping they made it in time. But I had a nice early Father's Day present for my dad :) and it was really fun. Also to be among the rich people in the members area and lounge haha but if I am honest I like being in the regular area better. A lot of those members were constantly talking not even about Rod Stewart but also about business, and my dad and I actually wanted to listen to the music ;)

I am still not well at all but really wanted to go and also wanted to do my nails so I did them really quick. I won the tickets from Herome so I thought it would be nice to use one of their nail polishes too :)
Base Herome W.I.C. Rome, stamped with Konad SN black and BM301 for the sort of gradient speckled effect. Cheeky CH30  for the music notes and Konad M58.

Also some pics of my dad and I at the concert :)
In front of the Ziggo Dome, we could use the members entrance so no And don't mind my too dark hair color, something went wrong with dyeing, but hopefully I will be able to fix it later this week. Cause  in the front it almost looks black :(

 The purple (not Red) carpet route to the members lounge.

 In the back you see the stage of the support act Moya.

 The nice bar tender asked if he should take a pic of us.

 Moya, she was really good too.

Here a little video not good quality but to get an idea ;)

 Changing the stage.

 Rod Stewart's opening song.

 At the end of each song you saw the title and from which album it came.

 He had a lot of musicians with him and also a guest orchestra.

 Still a lot energy for a 68 years old man ;) He could not sit still.

 The background singers also sang very good!

Balloons fell from the sky ;)

Here also a video from Rod Stewart.

We had a lovely night out my dad and I :) but I still feel like shit :P

Thanks for reading/watching.


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Well done Diana! Glad you both had a nice time.

  2. Congrats on your Big Win for Fathers Day and you did it again with your banging mani.I hope you both had a great time...By the way you look just like your daddy you both have some beautiful baby blue eyes...

  3. Congrats on your prize...!!! I hope you both enjoied this very special day.
    xoxox ♥

  4. Wow, how cool you won!!! Great mani for the occasion!!

  5. Thanks you all for the sweet comments :) X