zondag 16 juni 2013

Terschelling (Dutch Wadden Island) 2012 + holiday pics

Hi everyone,

Last year around this time I went to Terschelling (one of the Dutch Wadden Islands). When I was little we used to go there a lot of Summers for our family vacation. In June there is this festival called Oerol, it is music, theatre, art festival everywhere on the island are stages and also on the streets. I was there a couple of days during the Oerol last year and I will be going this year again with my family. I will be celebrating my Birthday there too :) 

I will be making Terschelling scenery nails this year again too and they will probably look similair to these. But these were my nails from last year :) With the old Terschelling lighthouse called the Brandaris and seagulls, seals, the Terschelling flag, the boat etc. 

The base are different holo's from the China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection to make a beach scenery with sand, sea and sky. Self made water decals of different things from Terschelling,...seagulls, beach pole, the flag, seals, the Brandaris (lighthouse), the boat. Stamped with Konad SN green and M29 and M66 some sort of grasses. With SN white and M79 the clouds and with SN black and H18 the birds on my ring finger.

With different lighting, so you see the decals better.

I also did a pedi, with a holo base stamped some sort of waves from H21 with SN blue and the Terschelling flag water decal on my big toe.

For those of you who like to see some vacation pictures. And like to get to know our Dutch Wadden Islands I have added some pics :)

 My sister and I and Yoshi on the boat (it's a 2 hour boat trip from the main land and always very windy).

 Yoshi the Teckel on the boat..she found it a bit scary.

 Dave and I in the rain on a wet festival, no people no music :(

The festival was cancelled for that night because of too bad weather, so we had to go and went to the bars to have some indoor fun.

My dad had a couple of beers already and we were acting funny. So daddy got kisses from both his daughters :)

 After some more beers ;)

 Luckily the weather was much better the day after. As you can see a lot of people.

The day after that it was rainy and stormy again :( but we had fun anyway (well Dave not so much cause he hates bad weather :P )

 The beach, it is one of Europe's widest beaches and a long walk before you reach the sea.


 My dad made his own stunt kites and we always love to kite on Terschelling.

 Me in  front of the Oerol sign where you could pick up your entrance bracelet.

 The beach during low tide.

 Biking at dusk and looking at the horses.

 Petting this cute "punk" horse :)

 My dad as Elvis in the Heartbreak hotel (it isn't hotel but a beach club and they play Elvis music and rock and roll)

 Acting crazy on a beach pole. Or how you call it in English haha.

 Really big dad crab.

 We had one warm day and were totally pink (sun burned). My sis and I enjoying Terschelling beer made of wild cherries that grow there.

A family picture and the famous lighthouse called the Brandaris. This year my dad's girlfriend will be joining us for a couple of days.

 West Terschelling city.

 They call this the Green Beach cause of all the green. It is very big too.

 Just some forest nature.

 Eating at the old Mill :) 

 Hessel and his daughter Tess, 2 famous singers from the island. They perform in their own restaurant/bar almost every night in the main holiday season.

 The boat on my thumb with the real boat in the background.

 One week has past and we had to go home again....bye Terschelling see you next year.

 Always funny how the seagulls follow the boat.

 All kinds of boats pass by.

 The Dutch flag is fluttering at the end of the boat.

Some more nail pics with different lighting.

And some nail pics taken on Terschelling with nice backgrounds :)
 With the Brandaris (lighthouse) in the back.

 With the Terschelling flag just like on my ring finger.

Again with the Brandaris just like on my middle finger.

Thanks for watching// reading :) Hope you like seeing more of Terschelling one of our Dutch Wadden Islands. I always love going there, and can't wait to go there in a couple of days again, love the nature and the Oerol festival. And hope the fresh sea air will do me good so I will be feeling better again :)


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  1. Love the mani, and it looks like you had so much fun!

  2. Wow! The manicure is a piece of art!
    And I'm happy you had a great time :-)

  3. awesome manicure :D
    love your photos, i'm glad the bad weather didn't steal your good will :D

  4. This is so great - very cool decals you created - and I love all your holiday photos!

  5. SO funny how your boyfriend doesn't like bad weather-you can do see his grumpy face!! I love seeing vacation pictures from places I will never see so thank you for that! Love the thumb with the actual boat in the background-that's awesome! Also love the beer shots! Glad you had a good time!