dinsdag 26 november 2013

Blue on blue

Hi Everyone,

I did these about a month ago when my nails were super long (too long haha) but I needed the extra space for some nail art back then. I thought let's share them today, cause I feel a little blue :(

I am not so happy today, I received my Bundle Monster products that I ordered with part of the coupon I won in their Halloween contest and I had to pay $25 (€18,46) at the door before I could receive it. I had to pay sales tax :( it made me a bit mad, cause that is almost twice the value of the goodies. And the products aren't even worth that much. And for me that just is a lot of money. And it makes winning stuff let's fun. Plus I just don't understand why a few plates and binder are charged for sales tax, I understand when it is done with more valuable products and even with polish, but something likes this never happened to me before. Thing is that when the value was below 22 euros it would not have happened, this was written value 26 euros :( Anyway let's show the mani a did a month ago...it was just something quick between some other mani's.

Base a light blue holo from DA (local Dutch drugstore) called Turbulent. Stamped with Kleancolor metallic aqua and image plate Pueen 32. 

Some more pictures.

And some swatches of this nice light blue holo.

Thanks for reading :)


4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love blue, so this blue on blue is really beautiful :-)

  2. Well in Denmark we can shop for less than DKK80 = $12-14 or €10.5 - so that's even worse :(
    But I love your beautiful blue mani!!

  3. Thanks :)

    @Maria wow that is even worse :( stupid custom rules ;)