maandag 18 november 2013

A Fairytale ♥

Hi Everyone,

When I saw some of the Moyou plates this Summer I knew I wanted to make certain mani's with them. One of them was the cherry blossom with owls I showed you some months ago. Another one was the mani I'll show you today :) I just had to have this plate to do this mani. But somehow I waited a few month to actually do it hahaha. I did these last week. And was happy with how they turned out. The challenge last Sunday in AIS was I am in the mood for....well I was in the mood for fairytales and happy endings ;) When I posted this mani friday in another nail group I also wrote a little story with them. Someone once said on one of my mani's it reminded her of  children books illustrations :), so was a bit crazy and thought let's write the story too haha. It is the story on my nails:

It is a beautiful starry night in WONvillage*. The moon is full and 1000 of stars shine bright. The fairy is watching over the castle and keeps an eye on the princess when the king and queen leave in their carriage with horses. The evil witch is already on her way to the castle to kidnap the princess but pegasus makes sure she won't come closer :)  So the princess will get a goodnight sleep and she will never know of the danger lurking outside the castle walls. Cause her magical friends will protect her <3 

*WON is the name of the group

Gradient with Color Club Puccilicious, Hits Frapê 416 and Hits Edicao Limitada 205. China Glaze Fairy Dust on top. Stamped with Konad SN black and Moyou London Princess 07 (fairy, castle, carriage, horses, witch) And Moyou Princess 04 (pegasus). Stamped the stars with Konad SN pastel yellow and Moyou Princess 07. Twinkle stars with Color Club Worth the Risque and Moyou Festive (aka Christmas) 01 but those aren't showing very well on the pic. Also stamped the rein (?) from the carriage and the horses with parts of the necklace image on Princess 07.

Some more picture of the mani.

I went swimming this weekend and in the pool you can dive and see aquaria undewater, so I had to take a pic of my nails too (love playing with our underwater camera). Too bad the fishes wouldn't show up while I took the pics ;)

 In the right corner you can see a yellow fish.

Here a better pic of the fishes.

And a picture of just the gradient base.

Thanks for reading.


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