dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

A green Bundle Monster Goblin ;)

Hi everyone,

Today again a Halloween mani that I did for the Bundle Monster challenge. The theme that day was "Goblins". So I had to be creative since I don't really have a plate with Goblins on it. I decided to make the Bundle Monster' Monster as a Goblin. So I drew him Goblin ears haha and I added lots of green Goblin slime.

Sinful colors Snow me white made a stamping decal of the monster and drew him goblin ears (smudged the decal a little) using BM409 and stamped green slime with Konad PSN apple green and BM405.

I messed up the decal a little and also the stamping isn't perfect..but slime and Goblins aren't perfect either ;)

Thanks for reading!


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