maandag 8 december 2014

Birds in the snow

Hi Everyone,

Last week I went to Germany...we needed a short break for a few days. We went to Center Parks... a bungalow park. We had a little snow and there was a lot of fog and that froze too, so everything turned white...gorgeous. Before we went I did not know it would be white, but I felt liking doing a winter scenery anyway ;)

Base a gradient with Lime Crime Milky Ways and Once in a Blue Mousse added a little holo glitter from Essence 25 Let Stars Raindown on Me!  Stamped snowflakes from BP-01, the reindeer is also from that plate. Used Emily de Molly EDM07 for the tree, squirrels, birds and white snow owl. And Moyou London Mother Nature (aka Landscape) 03 for the big branches. Dotted the snow on the branches and ground and snowflakes, the berries and animal eyes. Using Konad SN black, brown, red and white.

There was also a tropical swimming pool there and I love swimming so ofcourse I had to do a matching pedi too :)

And some more pictures.

See how the trees were frozen.

 And a little snow.

My pedi underwater in the pool :)

And some pics of our trip.
 We had a little bit of snow.

 The park.

 View from our balcony.

 Frozen fog.

Thanks for reading.

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8 opmerkingen:

  1. awesome manicure :D
    wow, it looks like it's really really cold out there brrrrrr

  2. What a stunning mani! Your manis are always so thoughtful and artful! Love them <3

  3. When you say "fog," do you mean "dew" (droplets of water that is on plants early in the morning) or do you mean "mist" that is dampness that comes from very light rain in the air that isn't heavy enough to fall in drops but will be heavy enough when the temperature gets colder? The mist usually rises and disappears when the sun comes up and the temperature gets warmer.

    1. I guess I mean mist (in Dutch we call it mist too) but I just had to google and it says driving in the clouds. The sight was bad all day.

      Q: What's the difference between mist and fog?
      A: Mist is made up of tiny water droplets suspended in the air, says Brent McRoberts of Texas A&M University. "It produces a grayish-looking area over the landscape," he explains. "Fog is actually a cloud that is based at the Earth's surface and is also made up of tiny droplets and can even be composed of ice crystals if it is cold enough. The real difference between fog and mist deals with visibility. Under foggy conditions, visibility is reduced to less than one kilometer, or a little over half a mile. Mist does not reduce visibility as much as fog does."

  4. Very pretty winter mani and pedi! The trees look very beautiful too :-)