dinsdag 9 december 2014

Giving 2 little girls a mani and pedi

Hi Everyone,

This Summer the granddaughters of my dads girlfriend came to visit me for a mani and pedi. It was right before they went on holiday. The 6 years old girl wanted fairytale style and the 7 years old girl wanted vacation nails with a caravan cause they went on vacation with their own caravan. They had such tiny nails and it was hard for them to sit still, so not the greatest clean up.  But they were happy with them :) And I had so much fun doing their nails. I also did the nails of their grandma.

I used plates from Nailways, Moyou, Stampaholics, Konad, Cheeky etc. Don't remember exactly which ones.   

 They also wanted a nail tip with glow in the dark polish with their names on it and some studs/stones. 

Princess nails.

Vacation nails.

Princess pedi.

Vacation pedi.

Hands and feet together.

Their mani's were inspired my some of my own mani's :)

And the nails of their grandma.

Thanks Myrte, Britt and Ria for the fun day and letting me do your nails.

Thanks for reading.


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