woensdag 23 maart 2011

Catrice 420 Dirty Berry swatches (+ nail art)

In Germany I bought this polish it's one of the new colors from Catrice. I really love this one, it's a bit lilac with some sort of holo in it.

First I'll show the nail art photos below are the swatches.

Catrice 420 Dirty Berry, I stamped flowers from Konad M20 with SN white, and 3 colored butterflies from Konad M25 with SN pastel pink, pastel blue and white. Photo with flash.

Photo without flash under artificial light.

Photo with flash under artificial light.

Now here the swatch photos you can see the sort of holo effect in it ♥

Photo with flash.

Photo without flash under artificial light.

Photo with flash under artificial light with lighter settings.

Photo with flash under artificial light normal settings.

Close up, so you can see the slightly colored  holo effect.

 It's spring and my butterfly decided to fly away to freedom :( 

I was having a bad day and then this happend, I was combing my hair and my nail was stuck in it. Then I saw this hugeeeee tear in my nail. It was already up to the middle, so I just took it all off :( Now I have this really sad short nail. Don't know how it teared, my nails almost never tear (it's been more then 2 years since I had something similar).

I've cutted them all now but not as short as my middle finger, that hurts. So you probably see some short nail creation from me, I'll hope I can take photo's of my right hand, otherwise it look so sad one really short nail in the middle (fortunately I have also a lot of older creation to show you when I didn't had a blog yet).

19 opmerkingen:

  1. superkleurtje! Binnenkort ook eens opdoen.

    En wat een rotdag heb je zeg bah en je nagel ook nog eens eraf :(
    Hopelijk groeit het snel.

  2. What a pity your broken nail...! :-(
    Your nail were very long but will grow back!
    I'm sure you keep doing amazing designs on short nails... ;-)

  3. sorry for your nails!

    that's a beautiful polish, i didn't know that catrice has holos in their collection.

  4. wow..i love that polish!

    =-/ /hugs your poor middle finger...cant wait to see what you do on short nails, after all short nails rock in my opinion lol =)


  5. Ouch, poor nail - it's so super short that atleast my fingertip would be hurting a lot! :(

    I fell in love with that polish, it's so pretty (..and purple..) and those decorations are just beautiful! Really nice work there! :3

  6. Oh wow, die wil ik ook hebben!

    xo Elize

  7. gorgeous manicure!!! :) Really sorry about the nail tare :'(

  8. Mooie nagels met de vlinders!
    Wat jammer zeg van je nagel. Zal wel raar voelen als ze ineens een stuk korter zijn.

  9. Balen van je nagel! :( Altijd zo rot, want dan moet je de rest ook weer korter doen anders ziet het er niet uit. :( Maar die kleur + creatie is wel heeel mooi. :)

  10. great mani, awesome polish :-D
    ... but that nail... i'm so sorry :-/

  11. Although I'm not a fan of any holos, this Dirty Berry looks very interesting.. And a million condolences to your broken nail :[ :[

  12. Ik vind dit kleurtje echt mooi, normaal hou ik niet zo van paars. Vind jouw creaties altijd zo leuk die je maakt.
    Zonde dat je nagel is afgebroken :(

  13. I am so sorry for you nail... :( I hate when that happens. Maybe you can try Sally Hansen Miracle nail growth, that helped me.

    I love this mani :) Very beautiful purple and konad is great.

  14. Thank you all :)

    To everyone I really recommend this polish it's soooo pretty nice formula needs only 2 coats.

    Thanks for the tip, luckily my nails grow fast so I think in a couple of weeks I can make them all the same size. Meanwhile I enjoy stamping fullnails (normally they are to small for my nails)

  15. Hi Diana!
    wat zonde van je nagel.. :-( je zult 'm nu wel extra verzorgen? dus hoop dat ie snel weer aangegroeid is!
    weet jij wanneer deze kleur van Catrice in Nederland wordt verkocht? ik vind 'm echt super!

  16. Het kleurtje is zo mooi <3 Als ie in de winkel ligt dan neem ik hem zeker mee!
    Jammer van je nagel, ik hoop dat ie snel weer aangroeid!

  17. Thanks everyone :)

    Die nieuwe lakjes van Essence en Catrice liggen inmiddels ook in NL in de winkel :D

  18. aw, this is so amazing design! ♥ I have this nail polish on nails now :-)