donderdag 31 maart 2011

Brazil: Hits Speciallità Sorvete 402 (with nail art)

This is one of the beautiful polishes from Brazil that I got (see previous blog). It's a very bright pastel pink almost pastel neon pink. Unfortunately my camera couldn't capture the true color :(

First let's start with the nail art on it. As you've probably seen I broke a nail last week so my nails are shorter and I can finally use my full nail designs, so ofcourse I used a full nail design ;)

Base Hits Speciallità Sorvete 402 stamped with Konad SN pastel blue and XL plate B. I had major problems taking a normal photo, I couldn't capture the true color and I suck in taking photo's with left hand of my right hand. I always shake, but then I shake even more. Photo without flash in natural daylight.
My sad short nail (that grew a little bit) photo without flash under artificial light.

Now here the swatches.

Like I said I suck in taking photo's with left ;) Photo without flash under artificial light.

Here the color is most accurate, it's realy bright. I love it, it also covers really well and is a great polish for stamping too.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. *_* an awesome shade for a sunny day!

  2. Mooie kleur! Je kan inderdaad al zien dat je nagel al wat bijgegroeid is! Ik zit ook altijd te kloten met full nails omdat het nooit past bij mij! Alleen als ik ze wat korter heb gevijld. Ze zouden echt eens full nails moeten maken voor langere nagels.

  3. Super mooie kleur! Inderdaad er moeten snel eens full nails komen voor lange nagels!

  4. vind de kleur echt geweldig mooi <3
    Hele leuke creatie

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