dinsdag 15 maart 2011

Claire's Mood polish flirty/shy (+ CND effect and nail art)

Today I have a lot of photo's for you. Claire's Mood polish flirty/shy is a beautiful dark blue color and I love playing with mood polishes so I took a lot of photo's :) Also with CND effects Sapphire Sparkle on top and some nail art.

Let's start with the swatches of flirty/shy without the CND effect. It dries matte.

This is how it looks most of the time, warm fingers and cold tips.


Warm and the tips are slowly turning colder.


Cold and  I put the tips under warm water, you get the opposite effect of what it normally looks like :)

Under cold water.

Index and ring finger normal, middle finger and pinkie cold.

Index and ring finger warm, middle finger and pinkie cold.

Now the swatches with CND effects Sapphire Sparkle. Unfortunately I always find it hard to capture the effects on photo. So I couldn't capture the pink shimmer in it :(

With CND Sapphire Sparkle normal.

With CND Sapphire Sparkle warm.

With CND Sapphire Sparkle cold, in real life it looks a lot like Orly Lunar Eclipse, too bad I couldn't capture the pink in it.

With CND Sapphire Sparkle index and ring finger warm, middle finger and pinkie cold.

Close up, you can see the sparkle better (but not the pink flashes)

I really loved the polish with the CND but I did wanted to do some nail art on it. I liked the simplicity.

Stamped with Konad SN pastel blue and imageplate BM05.

A bit of strange settings but here you can see the sparkle better.

I totally love mood polishes, too bad they don't sell them here in Holland.

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  1. That's really cool! I've never tried a mood polish myself, but it really does bring back memories of mood rings and green lip sticks that turn fuchsia. The joys of growing up in the 80s :)

  2. Ooo I sooo love these Claire's mood polishes, and I want one badly just to play around :) Very nice swatches and awesome nails!

  3. Moodies really looks just great on loooong nails. <3 I love it!

  4. This looks so pretty on your nails. :)
    I have 2 Mood polishes and I love them but their quality is so bad. They chip off from my nails in only one day.

    How long they last on your nails? Do you have some trick for longlasting Mood polishes?

  5. oohhh this looks gorgeous!!
    love the cnd on this blue!!

  6. @ Idun yeah I also had some mood rings, and those lipsticks were horrible your lips stayed pink no matter how hard you tried to take it off ;)

    @ Ritterbraten yes it's so much fun too play with. It makes doing the dishes fun, because of the warm water you see it changing ;)

    @ Ivana I love moodies have 6 now (want the other 3 also)

    @ Lalica I had it on my nails 6 days then it started chipping. But on holiday I had the green one on my nails and it stayed good for a week, while I was swimming and playing on the beach with sand etc. Don't have any tricks, I always were them with a base and topcoat. This time CND, on holiday the gold holo from INM Out the door. But hardly any polishes chips soon on my nails, so I guess I'm just lucky. I know from other people they have the same issue as you :(

  7. gorgeous mani!!! :) I absolutely love the claire's mood changing polishes, I really need to get a few more colours :D

  8. Thank you Diana, I was looking that INM top coat and I didnt know to buy it or not, but now I will buy it. I usually use Seche or Poshe top coat and base coat Essence or Catrice.

  9. First, if I have never told you before ... your nails are perfectly gorgeous! Second, this was a great post. I really appreciate all the pictures :) The end result is really pretty! <3

  10. Hey Diana.
    Waar kan ik die nagelakjes bestellen?
    En wat kosten ze?
    Ik wil ze ook heel graag! ik ben elke dag bezig met nailart en wil ook heel veel cursusen gaan volgen ervoor en er iets mee doen. Hopelijk kan je me vertellen waar je die nagelak besteld.
    e-mail me. :) Bryan_Cynthia@hotmail.com