dinsdag 5 april 2011

Brazil: Impala Pin up with some simple nail art

I got this polish for my birthday (that is in June) and I was at my parent's home (where I still offically live but all my nail stuff is at my boyfriends place) It was in the middle of the World Cup and I was tired of my football/soccer creation and just really wanted to try this polish. Luckily my boyfriend had to go to his home to pick something up so I asked him to grab some stampy polish, my scraper, stamp and an imageplate :) So I could do some nail art on it, it's very simple but I liked it. I made this in June 2010.

Base Impala Pin up, I really love this color. It has silver and pink pieces in it, it's form their Gloss collection. I call it a metallic foil or something ;) Stamped with Konad SN white and imageplate M77.

A bit strange color of my skin, but I was hard to capture it's true beauty. It covers really well in one coat but I used 2. It also dries really quick. Just love this one wish I had more of this gloss cellection

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