vrijdag 1 april 2011

Brazil: my other Brazilian polishes

Like I said this week, when I showed you my new Brazilian polishes that I got, I have some more polishes that I got last year.

My first Brazilian polishes were a souvenir.
Two sets of nail polishes and a pair of glow in the dark Havaianas for me and a pair for my boyfriend. I also loveeee Havaianas ♥♥♥

Risqué nail polish in the color of the Brazilian flag. Yellow is Amarelo Real, green is Verde Esmeralda and blue Azul Hortensia.

A little bag with some great neon polishes from Impala.

Impala matte fluors from left to right: Club (purple), Shock (pink), Tech (orange), Fluors (yellow) and Spirit(green). Top with flash, bottom without flash.

Like I said before when my friend was in Brazil she took a photo of the store and from that photo I chose some polishes. When she was back I paid her ofcourse for these.

They are all Impala polishes, from left to right: Matte magenta (a really bright matte polish with blue shimmer), Rio doce ( a pink cream), Pipa (a coral cream), Gaivota (a nude cream) and Pier (a gray shimmer).

I few weeks after she came back it was my birthday and I got even more polishes, sooooo sweet ♥.

From left to right: Colorama  Marinho (a beautiful dark blue with pink shimmer), Colorama Note Quente (a purple cream), Colorama Azul Royal (a blue they call it artistica don't know what that means but it looks like a cream), Colorama Verde Palmeira (grass green same as the blue one), Impala Rocket (beautiful zilver shimmer glossy) and my favorite Imapla Pin up (pink with silver shimmer glossy... I don't know but it is sooo pretty)

Like I said I have quite a few Brazilian polishes and a really love them.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hii! diana!!:)
    the colorama artistica was designed for nail art!!
    And Impala Gloss( Rocket, and pin up), is a collection full of a kind of nail polishes with a foil texture .
    kisses from brazil.

  2. Oeh leuk voor je!!

    Ik heb ook die zwarte slippers (maar dan uit Portugal) en die zijn helaas 2 maten te groot x'] loopt voor geen ene meter :P

  3. Echt mooie kleurtjes, ik hou van die neons! En aparte vorm van flesjes!

  4. Wauw super mooi allemaal!

    Ik ben ook dol op Havaianas en ze lopen heerlijk :-)

    ik heb één lakje van Risque en die heb ik in Portugal gekocht.

  5. @ Sam Urbach..ahh thank you for your comment :) I thought it was something like that ;) They do also stamp very well :)

    @ Sam hihi nee te groot lijkt me ook niks ;)

    @ TheNailAddict...ja ik vind de flesjes ook zooo leuk :D en de lakjes zelf ook vooral van Impala.

    @ Michelle..ja volgens mij is veel ook te koop in Portugal. Ja ik wel meeeer Havaianas, mss vd zomer hun weer ff lief aankijken of ze nog een paar voor me meenemen uit Brazil. (scheelt toch behoorlijk in prijs)

  6. vind die Impala zo leuk he :D
    Prachtige lakjes!