donderdag 28 april 2011

Queensday nails from 2010 & 2009

On April 30th we celebrate Queensday here in Holland. And ofcourse I always make some matching nails. I will make my nails for this year tomorrow, but today I'll show my Q-day nails from last year and the year before that ;) Our national color is orange and the color of our flag are red, white and blue. So these are the colors you see a lot on Q-day.

This creation I made in 2010:
Base China Glaze Peachy Keen with China Glaze Orange Knockout (this one is quite sheer so that's why I used Peachy Keen under it) it was sooooo bright, almost needed sunglasses to look at it. I stamped some crowns with Konad SN red, SN white and SN blue imageplate M40. Also in the same colors the dots from M79.

Here sort of a swatch from Peachy Keen with Orange Knockout:
It was soo bright so I had trouble to capture it's true color.

And now the ugliest nails you have ever seen!!!!! I made this in 2009 I find them horrible (people really liked them that day but looking back I can't imagine I had the courage to walk around with these nails ;) hahah)
I sponged the red, white and blue nails with Konad SN polish and rainbow glitter. Stamped the orange crown with M40. My ring and index finger have an orange base color (don't remember which one I believe it was a color of L`oreal) the tips I stamped with Konad SN pastel orange and rainbow glitter. The flowers I stamped with SN red, white and blue and imageplate M25.

I also wore this horrible matching ring that day, especially young children really liked that one :)

Tomorrow I will make my Q-day nails for this year!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. While they are both nice....I especially like the 2009 version!

  2. Leuk gedaan, ik ben benieuwd naar je nagels voor dit jaar!

  3. Ah die tweede is leuk hoor! En de eerste is ook mooi! :D Ik ben al benieuwd naar je nagels van morgen!

  4. mag ik misschien dat stipjes ideetje van je stelen? hihi, ik zal een linkje naar je blog plaatsen zodra ik hem heb gepost?

    x Elize

  5. Thank you :)
    I found those from 2009 soooo ugly hahaah.

    @ Elize ja natuurlijk mag dat we zijn er toch voor om elkaar te inspiren ;) en linkjes naar me blog vind ik altijd leuk ;)

  6. leuk :D
    Heb zelf dit jaar niks gedaan