woensdag 11 mei 2011

Nfu Oh 65 with nail art made in 2009

This weekend I had Nfu Oh 63 on my nails a beautiful light pink holographic polish, I will show you this later this week. I thought lets show Nfu Oh 65 first, that I had on my nails in July 2009. Nfu Oh 65 is a gorgeous light blue holo polish....I love Nfu Oh holo's. First I'll show you my nail art on it, later the swatches.

Base Nfu Oh 65 stamped with Konad SN Blue pearl and Golden Rose Paris magic 313 imageplate M57.

Without flash or sun light, you can see the stamps better ;)

Photo in sun light.

I love to match my hands and feet :)

With flash.

A bit blurry :( without flash.

And here some swatches of this beautiful nail polish.

Photo with flash.

Daylight without sun or flash.

Sorry for my cuticles I did not had Lemony Flutter or some nail oil back then ;)


10 opmerkingen:

  1. So prettyy!! vooral met die sjablonen erop!!



  2. Heel erg mooi!!! I love everything you do on your nails! And Nfu Oh holo polishes are all gorgeous, indeed!

  3. How sweet, I loved it.
    You have good taste.

    Fallowme http://unascolores.blogspot.com/


  4. I love that you made mani and pedi! I'd like to do a nice pedi but my feet are not as beautiful as yours so I'll not :/

  5. Mooi lakje is dit, ik heb deze ook

  6. Hey leuk zo je nagels! I love it! ♥

    Over de slaappositie, raar is het he ;) Wij herkenen ons er ook in. Echt grappig. Als je dit al leuk vindt. Kijk volgende week eens op ons blog ;)


  7. They say blogger is back but some of the comment who where here are gone :S

  8. this is amazing...blogger going down is annoying it messed wit my blog too sweetie =-/

  9. Prachtig. Holo van Nfu Oh zijn mijn favoriete holo's