vrijdag 30 november 2012

All I want for Christmas...a kitty ;)

Hey Everyone,
Today I'll show you my nails for the 2nd week of Nail Polish Canada's Holiday Challenge. Last week the theme was Snow and I made my Snowy Owl nails. This week the theme is Gifts, Presents, Stockings, anything related to you getting the awesome things you want.
My parents, my sis, our boyfriends and I used to celebrate Christmas with presents under the tree and my mom would be busy wrapping the presents for weeks. The closer Christmas was, the bigger the pile of presents grew ;) She always wrapped them in other boxes or strange things otherwise we would know immediatele what was inside. It was really fun, she always said when we couldn't come up, because she was wrapping them in the attic.

But as you know last year we spent Christmas and the week before in the hospital, while my mom was in a coma and could die any moment..stupid Cancer had won. She died 2nd Christmas day :( So I really don't look foward to Christmas, because it will never be like that again, and I don't think we will ever do presents again like that :( I so really miss my mom :( these days even more.

My biggest wish for Christmas is to have my mom back, but I know that isn't possible :(
Of course I also would love to get some holo polishes (Color  Club, Jade, Hits No Olimpo or other brands) and many more new plates (both Cheeky sets, MASH, Gals, Nailz Craze, Messy Mansion, MJ plates, FUN, Sugar Bubbles, Moyou and more and more if I write down all the plates I wish for this post would be really long ;))
My boyfriend and I talked about a new kitten too. I said I wanted distraction with Christmas and I love animals. We took care in the Springtime for two 18 years old cats, that belong to my best friend and I knew them for over 9 years. He was moving and couldn't take them with them, so they lived the last weeks of their lives with us :) I was really sad when they also died, so many loses in a year. But my bf said maybe someday we will have new cats.
So that is why I decided to make present stocking gift wrap nails with on my ring finger Chococat in a stocking...isn't he cute?
Base is Colorama Nutriverniz Melancia (from Brazil) and on my ring finger Essence 50's girls reloaded 01 Ahoy!. Full nail bows stamped with Konad SN wine red and the Christmas imageplate from the Nailways Snowwhite collection they call it A-NW00002. I also stamped part of that full nail image over my red french tip on my ring finger. And the presents and stockings are also from that plate, stamped those with Konad SN white. Chococat in the stocking is a self made water decal.
Some more pictures. I still miss my own camera. But I do my best to take decent pics.
 My whole hand.
 Different settings.
 Different settings.
The bow full nail stamp and my self made Chococat in stocking water decal :) 
Here just the bow full nail stamp.
Here a swatch of the Colorama Melancia. A very bright red creme.
You can see all the amazing entries here and you can also still sign up for this weeks challenge and the next week. If you want to vote for your favorite entry you can also do it there, if you like mine you can vote on mine too by selecting my blog name D.I.A.N.A and fill in your name and email :)

Thanks for reading :)
Have a nice weekend everyone!

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  1. Really loving the last picture ! :D
    your fab follower
    >but hey I've got a new outfit-post, check it out maybe? :)
    I'd be honoured *read this in a British-accent* hihi ;)

  2. Amazing nails!! Voted for you, of course :)
    My bf also keeps telling me he wants a kitten.. I'd love to have one :) And I wish you take one too, cats are great!

  3. Al die dingen die ik over je moeder lees... wat moet ze toch een geweldige vrouw geweest zijn. En ik vind het zo naar voor je dat deze extra zware periode er weer aankomt voor je.
    Ik hoop echt dat je een kitten neemt en ik denk dat de kitten erg gaat boffen met zo'n baasje!

  4. Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments <3