maandag 28 januari 2013

Fire and Ice from 2009

Hi Everyone,

The challenge this week on AIS was using tape and stamping, but I am sick so I don't feel like doing my nails. Maybe if I feel better I will do a tape mani later this week, because I finally have some striping tape and love to use it. 

So today I'll show you a really old tape mani I made in January 2009 for a fire and ice themed contest. The red representing the fire and the white the ice, I also took pics in the snow with fire in the background ;) It is not very neat, but I remember that I was really proud of this back then :) I used normal tape for this and I remember it being really hard to :)

I am not sure what polishes I've used I think the white was from P2 and the red I know for sure was from Catrice (don't know name or numbers) Stamped with Konad imageplate M59 and half of the image with SN white and the other half with SN red.

And a collage with the fire in the backgorund :)

This was my contest entry in January :)

Thanks for reading, hope I feel better soon I have the same nails now for more then a week ;)


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