dinsdag 8 januari 2013

Funny .. 15 oldies from 2008 :)

Hi Everyone,
I still can't add photos :( Hope this problem will be solved soon. So I thought lets show a lot of oldies from 2008, when I just started stamping. I have those on a Dutch page of my mine, so I can link them and doesn't have to add new pics, since that isn't possible at the moment unless I first upload them somewhere else.

Back then I was also still struggling with my nails and trying to stop biting them completely. So my nails aren't in the best state, but I find it fun to show you those oldies too :) Although some are ugly hahaha and very bad cuticles and stuff. But it makes me laugh to see those oldies :)
I don't know all the base colors anymore, but I do know the plates I've used.
Stamped with Konad M2 and M9 using PSN gold black, SN whte, SN violet pearl and SN silver.
Konad M31 stamped with PSN cool red, SN yellow, SN green and SN dark orange.
Konad M15 stamped with SN dark orange.
I actually did liked these, and it was a holo from a Essence LE. Stamped with Konad M35 and SN white.
Konad M66 stamped with PSN chocolate, SN pink pearl and PSN light gray.
Konad M24 stamped with SN white.
Konad M8 stamped with PSN psyche pink.
Konad M25 stamped with SN green and PSN gold black.
Koand M24 and SN violet pearl.
Konad M8 stamped with SN pink pearl.
Konad M9 stamped with SN violet pearl.
Konad M24 stamped with SN white.
Koand M15 and SN blue.
Konad M66 stamped with SN blue, SN green and SN violet pearl.
This was actually the first time I took a picture of my nails in the beginning of 2008. But I like these much more then some other ones I made after that hahaha. Also my nail shape looks much better, but sometime I did start biting again, so I guess I did that after these too. Konad M29 stamped with SN green, SN red, SN yellow.
Hope you liked seeing my oldies haha.

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  1. I had this problem with editing photos last year and I used TinyPic. U just upload your pic copy HTML and paste to your blog post.

    Very cute nails!

  2. Very cute designs :)
    Not so long ago I had the same problem, the free quote was exceeded, so I paid for more and it works fine now....

  3. I don't want to pay for it. Then I'll just quit blogging. I also don't like uploading somewhere else first that is a lot of work. But thanks for your tips :)