maandag 14 januari 2013

A sad blue Monday

Hi everyone,

Today it's a sad blue monday for me :( Because we should have been celebrating my mommy's birthday today and I just really miss her so much. So I made some rainy sad blue nails really quick.

Base is HEMA (local Dutch drugstore) metallic blue (no name or number). And I stamped with Konad SN pastel blue and Nailways Snowwhite Weather Forecast imageplate A-NW00001. It isn't all very neat but I thought it was okay for a day.

Some swatches of this pretty blue (I had it for a few years already but didn't used it yet)

Danbo is crying too :( next to mommy's picture.

Thanks for reading.


6 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the base blue!! Such a pretty color!!

  2. I'm sorry :( They do look sad but it's a nice stamping..

  3. gorgeous manicure... i'm only sorry that the inspiration was so sad, hang on :)

  4. Aw honey-I know she is with you all the time, you just can't see her. She'd be so proud of you for all you do to remember her. I hope someday, the pain will lessen and you can remember just the good things about her.

  5. Awh meis, ik vind het zo jammer voor je. Blijf sterk, je hebt al zo goed je best gedaan :)