zaterdag 30 maart 2013

Something really quick and some ideas :)

Hi everyone,

I've been really sick 2 weeks ago, and last week I went on a short holiday to Center Parcs in Belgium. I was so sick that I was afraid I would not be able to go, but luckily that turned out okay. So sorry for not blogging for a a while.

Here is something I did 2 weeks ago when I had a little workshop again :) Some girls wanted to learn new things, so I showed them all the new things I've learned from fellow stamping/ nail addicts :)

Thumb: a gradient with a make up sponge. And 2 times stamping, first in pastel green then colored the image with that same color and stamped the same image again in metallic pink. With Nailways Spring Time -Easter Bunny A-NW00006 plate ;)

Index: using striping tape, sponging over it with a more coarse Konad sponge and removing the tape again and a Konad flower..  

Middle vinger: a baby chicken ;) using flocking powder (but when I took the pic half of it was gone because it was done really quick with too little topcoat underneath) The face made with a dotting tool, the hair is stamped (part of the Konad pineapple image)  

Ring finger: saran wrap technique with 2 colors.  

Pinkie: a stamping decal Konad M1, coloring him on the stamper, then a layer of topcoat and peel it off. And put it on the nail, I smudged it a bit. But like I said it was done really quick just to show those girls how it was done :) On Messy Mansion is a great tutorial of stamping decals :)

I had so much fun that day, later I took most of it off and did saran wrap on all of them to cover the bald spots…had do it sooo fast cause had to go, but I thought can’t go out with these 5 different nails :P

The Saran wrap with China Glaze Lemon Fizz and a brght pink color from 2True. And a Kleancolor metallic black stamp from Konad M22.

The Saran wrap base.

Both together.

Last week I had skittle Easter nails and toes, I will show those tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend!


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