vrijdag 8 maart 2013

White flowers on P2 Black deluxe 010 black pearl

Hi everyone,

This were my nails last weekend before I broke my nail on my middle finger. It is kinda tradition to break my middle finger around Easter...the whole year I don't break any nail but somehow if I do break one it is always around this time of year..lol. I actually made these for the AIS challenge that was to use stamps and a dotting tool. But never posted them until now.

Base P2 Black deluxe 010 black pearl a pretty color with lots of blue shimmer that shifts to pink but I couldn't capture that. Stamped the flowers and sort of stars with Nailways Spring Time - Flowers A-NW00005 and Konad SN white and Kleancolor metallic pink. Also the dots are Kleancolor metallic pink.

Another picture.

And some swatches of this color.

 Here you can see the pink shimmer a bit in the bottle.

Thanks for reading :)

Enjoy your weekend.


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