woensdag 30 april 2014

Kingsday (Koningsdag)

Hi Everyone,

This weekend we celebrated our first Kingsday formerly known as Queensday/Q-day here in Holland. So that meant ofcourse Dutch nails. 

Orange is our national color so a really bright neon orange base (hard to capture), red/white/blue tulips in the colors of our flag.The crowns because it is Kingsday and a mill for that little extra Dutch touch hahah.  

I love orange but not in combination with red/white/blue. But still I do it every year to support my country.  

Base Impala Tech over China Glaze FYI, stamped with Konad SN black, SN red, SN white and SN blue and Winstonia W215 and W218.

Some more pics with different lighting.

They were really bright orange, I loved how bright there were.

I guess I'll be doing more orange nails with red/white/blue this Summer during the World Cup soccer.

Thanks for reading.


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Your Kongingsdag was reported everywhere in the news here in Germany. :)

    Your nails look very pretty and very representative for your country. These are things that we think about, when we here "The Netherlands" or "Holland". Typical clichees, I guess.. :D

  2. Hoi, superleuke nail art! Hele brutale vraag misschien, maar heb jij misschien enig idee waar ik dit plaatje (W218) los zou kunnen krijgen, ipv in de hele set?