woensdag 27 juli 2011

Claire's Mood Polish Calm/Wild (swatches and nail art)

I had this lovely nail polish on my nails a couple of weeks ago. But I haven't posted them on my blog yet. I took a lot of photos, most of them I had my hands under the water so that's why they are a bit shiny in a lot of photos. I did not had time to dry them because it was cold and when I made them hot they would have been already cold again when I'd dried them before I took a photo ;)

I really love this polish, love the finish it kind off reminded me of OPI Suede. I really like mood/color changing polishes ♥ I'm don't have any topcoat on my nails when I took the photos.

Normal... warm (pink) nail beds and cold (purple) tips.

Cold.... everything is purple.

Warm.... everything is pink.

Warm index and ring finger, cold middle finger and pinkie.

Ring and index finger are normal, middle finger and pinkie are cold.

Here a photo of the bottle that I held under warm water.

The upper half is warm and the rest is cold.

I also took some photos in different lighting.




Index and ring finger are warm, middle finger and pinkie are cold.

Again a normal photo with some different lighting.

I also did some nail art on it, but because this polish has so much shimmer it was really difficult to take a good photo. Also the stamping polish was shiny so it was like one big shimmery metallic bomb when I wanted to take a photo with flash or under some bright lighting.

Stamped with Konad M60 and Essence stampy silver polish on my index and ring finger and China Glaze Admire on my middle finger and pinkie.

Have a nice day!


10 opmerkingen:

  1. i love the simple design! matches perfectly with the polish

  2. I can't find this nail polishes. They look very nice.

  3. This is neat! I need this.

  4. this is a gorgeous polish i love the bottle shot!

    shel xx

  5. wearing these polishes must be fun :-D

  6. Oh leuke nagellak! en mooie nail art

  7. Mood nail polish is so fun. I could play with them all day.

    I love your nails and simple nail art. I need to buy Essence silver nail polish for stamping.

  8. Ow I'd love to have one of such "mood" polishes, I think they are a big fun :) I like the design too :)

  9. Moodpolishes lijken mij zo grappig!!