maandag 4 juli 2011

In loving memory of the Swan ♥

At my boyfriends place his backyard lies at the water. A couple of months ago we saw a love couple of Swans and later they had 8 babies ♥ I am really an animal lover so I was really happy to see that and from our backyard I gave them something to eat every time I saw them swimming by. The last time I saw them daddy swan was alone with his 8 babies (they grew tremendously) we found that really weird but I thought mommy was behind some bushes or something....untill friday......I heard horrible news from my neighbor. Mommy swam was murdered, they threw a rock on her head and the animal rescue could not do anything anymore. HOW CAN THERE BE PEOPLE WHO DO SUCH A HORRIBLE THING!!!!!! People who do that deserve death. Animals are so defenseless, and Swans are such beautiful, gracefull animals.

I was really sad and I cried, they were my friends and I loved feeding them (they made me happy when I was feeling blue) now daddy is alone with his babies. Swans are monogamous and stay together they entire life, sometimes you hear that if one of them dies the other one dies too because his is lonely. I hope daddy finds strength to live also when his babies leave. I know he takes good care of them, because he was already alone the last time I fed them and still very protective. They now are moved to a pond some streets away.

Because I was soo sad and find it horrible that people can do such thing I decided to honor mommy swan with a nail art creation.

Base Essence Ballerina Backstage LE 05 Grand Plié in Black (black polish with orange glitter) ringfinger is P2 Ship Ahoi! LE 010 Pure White. Stamped with Konad SN white and imageplate H21. Ringfinger stamped with Konad SN black the Swan from HB34, black hearts from M18 and with Konad pastel orange hearts from HB29.

Here some swatches of these polishes, you can click to enlarge them:

With flash.

Without flash under artificial light. Holding the Essence bottle.

Here you can see the P2 bottle.

I also have some photos of the Swan family ♥

At the end of May one big happy family, daddy, 8 babies and mommy.

June 10th I'm feeding them from the backyard, still one big happy family of 10.

June 23th daddy alone with his 8 babies who grew a lot. Took this photo from our backyard and I was hanging over almost fell in the water.

Even though daddy is alone he is a proud and protective daddy never leaves his babies behind. I was feeding them from the backyard in the rain. This was the last time I saw them, mommy was already murdered then but I thought she was hiding :(

Sooo sad, R.I.P. mommy Swan ♥ ♥ ♥ I will never forget you and your babies and loving partner will also never forget you!

While I'm typing this blog and watch the photos my eyes get all watery again.

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  1. I'm like you , the only thing that can turn me into violence is hurting an animal!!

  2. Wat een verschrikkelijk nieuws, gadverdamme, als ik die persoon in m'n handen zou krijgen.. grrrrrrr! Vreselijk, kan wel huilen als ik het lees. :-(
    Wel erg mooie en toepasselijke nagels. :-)

  3. Thats terrible! What was the point of throwing a stone at the swans head?! OMGOSH! poor thing

  4. so sad.... I love animals so much!
    Poor little family...

    Your nail art is gorgeous!!

  5. Omg, I cant believe what I am reading. Who would do that? Look at them, so beautiful animals! That is so cruel. :(

    R.I.P. Mummy Swan :(

    P.S. your mani is very nice :)

  6. omg this made me cry!

    Its a good job I didn't witness that...i swear i would kill =-/

    I love this mummy swan =-/


  7. OMG! How cruel! I can't stand this kind of cruelty! Seriously... who would do such a horrible thing?

    RIP mummy Swan!

    Very sweet mani, Diana!

  8. I almost cried now and I thought these things can't touch me anymore... :(

  9. Aww, I have tears in my eyes now :( How cruel, I'd never understand what could make people do such a cruel thing. I'm relieved that daddy Swan is taking care of the babies, that is so amazing <3 And your manicure is such a great dedication, as always your detailing is gorgeous. :)

  10. Wow, that's really sad about the mother swan. It's so unfortunate human beings don't have compasion for other living creatures. I love this post! I'm a lover of all creatures and I'm glad that you had the courage to post a blog on this!! I also love the mani!

  11. i hate those kind of people who hurt animals!! Rip mommy swan..

    by the way i love your mani :)

  12. That's so sad! I can't believe what some people do to the animals... :(

  13. Vind het wel heel lief van je, ter ere van de zwaan. Ik ben altijd veel te gevoelig voor zulke verhalen en beelden. Dan ben ik altijd een half uur helemaal down. Dus ik ga er maar niet verder op in. Ik vind het design wel echt supermooi gemaakt!

  14. Sjonge, wat vreselijk van de moeder zwaan! Prachtig dat je zo voerde en om ze gaf en ook deze nailart hebt gemaakt. :)

  15. Awww that's so sad!!! Here in Florida, it's actually illegal to kill a Swan. I can not believe someone would want to hurt such a beautiful animal. People sicken me sometimes.

  16. you make me cry... i really can't understand humans need for cruelty toward smaller and weaker creatures, it's disgusting :-(
    but your nails look great :-D

  17. heLLo! thanx for decided take a part on my contest. U can send me any pictures u like, anything for the theme "summer"

  18. Super zielig, ik begrijp gewoon niet waarom mensen zoiets kunnen doen!
    Mooie nailart heb je gemaakt

  19. That is really terrible news...but you did a lovely tribute mani!

  20. I Love love love Your Blog!!! Here's An Award!! XOXO

  21. I can't stand with those people! how can they enjoy killing an animal? poor baby swans
    this is a very special mani

  22. Sorry to hear that..
    can't understand some people. that's not good.
    RIP for Mommy swan..
    BTW, I love your nail art! i hope i can do the same..
    following you already.
    hope youd drop by my blog too..
    i am currently hosting a giveaway, you might want to join.

    here's the link:

  23. That is so horrible! I almost cried just hearing about the story. Poor swan :( I feel the way you do about animals and firmly believe that anyone who harms an animal should be harmed in the same manner.

    Your nail art is beautiful.

  24. I'm so sorry to hear about the swan. I really disrespect people who abuse and hurt animals, can't stand them. This tribute is so sweet and beautiful! :)

  25. that is so horrid that someone can do that to her :( poor daddy swan and all his little babies now :(

    shel xx

  26. Thank you all <3

    I'm still a bit sad because of this and more reasons.


  27. Oh this saddens me. I love swans it is something special about them. Your mani is gorgeous! :)